Waters & Army Introduces Tony Durao

tony durao bayside

Below is an introductory part for Tony Durao, a name you’ll be hearing a lot in the future, especially when having the “best up and coming east coast skaters” conversation. Though some already heard about him due to a notable trick down the Flushing six — not unlike how Ishod was kinda known as the “switch flip down Love kid” before there was any real footage of him — the Waters & Army crew put together this intro part to get all his new footage out there. He’s pretty good at skateboarding.

Filmed and edited by Joeface. Contributing filmer: James Buchmann.

Alternate YouTube Link (won’t play on mobile, but Vimeo will.)

Previously: Tony @ the Nike GSD Barge


  1. damn, this kid is gonna be a beast as he gets older. Anyone else agree that a bunch of his regular tricks look like they’re switch? just in how he did them. that ender was sick as fuck

  2. Kids are getting so good it’s making video games look like a mirror to our modern reality.

  3. something awesome / humbling about seeing gino standing at the bottom of a stair set making sure some kid’s board doesnt fly out into the street

  4. Woah! Coming after Pete Eldridge by switch flipping what Eldridge switch ollied! Kidding. If he was really coming after Eldridge he’d have filmed a night line with a cigarette.

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