Midtown On The Weekend, Like Usual — Best of 2020

It’s not that choosing music for the annual recycled footage holiday party was harder this time around — Pop Smoke was a given, the year’s most incessant Drake song was somehow a creature comfort reminiscent of simpler years soundtracked by incessant Drake songs, and Lil’ Baby + Dugg were basically our government for the past 12 months. But it stands to reason that in a normal year, with parties and bad nightclubs providing a different barometer, maybe, just maybe hearing “W.A.P” in a crowded room full of humans hammered at 2 A.M. would’ve elevated its stature, and thus to the soundtrack of this year’s “Best of” clip.

Alas, in 2020, we were robbed of hearing “W.A.P” in a crowded room full of humans hammered at 2 A.M. (Tried to get Josh to call his part “Wet Ass Part” but it didn’t stick.)

Otherwise, in a year of no travel, this is perhaps the most local “Best of” edit ever (apart from a clip of Ty javelining a beer in Miami a month before the roof caved in on civilization.) Thank you everyone for your support this year — anyone who reposted an update, bought a tee from the webstore, or made a routine of keeping QS in your media rotation during a time when there’s #so #much #media ♥ Be safe in the storm tomorrow, and stock up that pantry ;)

Dre and E.J. filmed a lot of this ♥

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