‘Life Starts Tomorrow’ — An Autumnal Montage by Brendan Gilliam

The video begins with a refrain echoed by all those those who have lived enough years to notice creaks in their joints: “I never thought I’d get old.”

*I* never thought seasonal montages — one of our culture’s most innocent traditions — would become things of the past, but that seems to be the case with each fleeting year. The 25-hour skateboard news cycle has rendered the “fall montage” as dated of a concept as a “concert” or an “office.”

But not all are ok with floating out where the tide takes them :) Some are paddling back.

Brendan Gilliam‘s “Life Starts Tomorrow” montage felt a bit too special to just toss in as a Monday Link (even though the entire point of Monday Links is championing things that aren’t Instagram posts.)

While there’s obviously no shortage of content extolling the virtues of #crust, it’s rare that an entire local edit looks like it exists in a version of New York where there isn’t a single tall glass building (ok fine, counted like, two.) Every spot is under a bridge, or off on an industrial side-road in Ridgewood or Long Island City — if you didn’t know better, you’d take half these places to be in some faceless Rust Belt town, not out past Broadway Junction. (To be fair, if you told some tourist that The Sombrero was actually in Ohio, they’d have little reason to doubt you.)

Opens with a part from Nick Lane and ends with a part from Sam Cardelfe. Feel like that fella in the middle made those Grateful Dead Dunks look …good ;)


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