#QSTOP10 — July 17, 2020

You already knew what would snag #1 placement this week — though this is the first time in a long time where it was hard to choose one ;)

Went with the full spectrum: A) the main trick that incited yelling at the screen (safe to say that if you’re a sponsored, traveling skateboarder, you’ve been to that spot and up until this part, it’s pretty much been a hypothetical joke…the Free guys explained it.), B) some local color (we already alluded to rumors of him at Tekashi 10 back in the winter), and C) just, yeah, you get it.

I then proceeded to steal all the jokes from the group chat for Twitter. (“About to bondo a crack” was supposed to be “Mason Silva taking a bath.”) Thanks, everyone ♥

The Jaakko part was frankly just as tough to pick a single feat from, but who are we to say no to a four trick line with no pushes in-between?

Have a good one ;)

Original Clips:


Intro via Creature’s “Summer 2020 Promo” [link] 10) Shari White via Sk8 Rats’ “Pump On This” part [link] 9) Ian Clelland via IG Story [link] 8) Justin Wagener via Karaoke part [link] 7) Spanky via Daniel Wheatley’s “Virtually Throwaway” video [link] 6) Smouvi via Skate Jawn’s 10Yerr video [link] 5) Milton Martinez via IG [link] 4) Justin Sommer via Santa Cruz’s Til The End – Volume 4 video [link] 3) Akwasí Baffour Owusu via IG [link] 2) Jaakko Ojanen via DC’s Domino video [link] 1) Mason Silva via Nike SB’s “Mason” video [link]


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