‘3three3’ — An Addendum to 917 Video #2

It’s no stretch to say that the second 917 video was a bit more, um, serious than their first outing. As an unofficial antidote to the fact that there was no Aidan part to start the mood light and no Na-kel rapping over Alex Olson footage this time around, Sean Dahlberg put together this eight-minute montage of outtakes from 917 #2. (We got more Genny footy the second time around though, so it’s win-win.)

It might take three minutes to get to the skating, but it’s there that it delivers the laughs, stress and motorcycle bails that were left out of the aforementioned ~serious~ final project. You get a brief glimpse into the #process behind Max Palmer, an always welcome John Choi sighting, a casual fakie hardflip, and a reminder of how fucked Cyrus’ before-black ender for the video was.

Previously:1one1” (Nov. 2016), “2two2” (Jan. 2018…basically this same idea, but for the first 917 vid.)


  1. As someone who never visited New York before, these sorts of videos always bug me out becayse of how bad the stuff these guys choose to skate is compared to others. Eye of the beholder amirite.

  2. I’m so happy those wallie boardslide marks I’ve been looking at for the past 2 years belong to John Choi :)

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