#QSTOP10 — December 13, 2019

Could’ve done this entire week without Atlantic Drift — and then an Atlantic Drift video came out, bumping a lot of what had been suggested on the QS breakroom whiteboard. It is another one of those truly “pick your own order” weeks.

And yeah, the only reason the Jack O’Grady ender got snubbed is because the frontside rendition was in there last week, variety is the spice of life or something like that, etc.

Original Clips:


Intro via @gronze on IG [link] 10) Juan Virues via Hotel Blue’s “Sirens” video [link] 9) Max Palmer via “Atlantic Drift: Moscow” [link] 8) Raffaele Pola via “MINKIA DRAMA” [link] 7) Mike Arnold via “Atlantic Drift: Moscow” [link] 6) Chris Jones via “Atlantic Drift: Moscow” [link] 5) Jack O’Grady via Kitsch part [link] 4) Will Marshall via “Welcome to DC” part [link] 3) Tom Knox via “Atlantic Drift: Moscow” [link] 2) Tyler Dietterich via Sabotage’s “Dub” video [link] 1) Nik Stain via “Atlantic Drift: Moscow” [link]


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  1. Nobody has time for a 45 minute slave video in the last weeks of 2019.

  2. A whole list for whack ass Baker 4 but nothing for $lave????? Pat Burke had the come back of the decade.

  3. Made !e want to try do a front blunt lofty shifty out.
    The whole top ten was nice. Props to you.

  4. The second I saw Knox’s drop-down tre on Moscow marble monument I thought to myself “that’s a Q-Snacks top 10”…

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