#QSTOP10 — October 25, 2019

Yes, this got sent to the editing desk before Supreme’s Candyland video went live yesterday. So treat this installment of the #countdown as a recap of the first half of the week before the 2nd marquee video of skateboard Oscar season (“Verso” being the first) dropped and took over the convo ;) And then we’ll get to Candyland next week.

It’s also a low-key reminder to get back to Paris, because over half of the clips are there. Have a good one.

Fall QS merch will be live on our webstore at midnight on Monday, October 28. (So, Sunday night.) No lookbook this time because we spent all of our budget on statisticians to tally the reader survey instead of models ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Original Clips:


Intro via Brandon Biebel on IG [link] 10) Josef Skott Jatta via “Plazacation: Mallorca” [link] 9) Paul Grund via “BOOM” by Ben Chadourne [link] 8) Ben Blundell via CINQUIEME TERRASSE’s “TONY G” video [link] 7) Roman Gonzalez via “BOOM” by Ben Chadourne [link] 6) Nicolas Gisonno via CINQUIEME TERRASSE’s “TONY G” video [link] 5) Hjalte Halberg via “BOOM” by Ben Chadourne [link] 4) Kevin Rodrigues via “BOOM” by Ben Chadourne [link] 3) C.J. Collins via Toy Machine Programming Injection part [link] 2) Jereme Leabres via Toy Machine Programming Injection part [link] 1) Gustav Tonnesen via “Plazacation: Mallorca” [link]


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  1. Low-key reminder to do get back to Stuy Town and do some nuclear-speed front boards on planter chains

  2. The music in the Toy Machine video is absolutely terrible, it reminds me of the soundtrack to Extremely Sorry. Just awful GarageBand-type musical drivel

  3. Both Asim and Paras try to give their own explanations about the same. Bigg Boss reminds them that the entire household has been punished for their aggressive behaviour the other day. They are made to understand that aggression and provocation is not the key to all problems.

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