#QSTOP10 — July 26, 2019

Happy TM101 Day to you and your loved ones. Get out there and get it ♥

…and please do what Bam says — sign the petition to save the asphalt at T.F.

(Yes, this went to press before Nightmare Van went live on Thrasher.)

Original Clips:


Intro via Bam [link] 10) Shintaro Hongo via “VHS Mag Feature” [link] 9) Jahmir Brown via Artform’s “Hard to Earn” video [link] 8) Brad Cromer via Huf’s “ATL” video [link] 7) Curtis Pearl via Yardsale’s “Playback” video [link] 6) Charlie Birch via Yardsale’s “Playback” video [link] 5) Matt Miller via Artform’s “Hard to Earn” video [link] 4) Ruben Spelta via “Mamma Mia” part [link] 3) Tony Hawk via Instagram [link] 2) Seimi Miyahara via Evisen’s “Daido” video [link] 1) Andrew Verde via “Afternoon Hunger” part [link]


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