These Are More Than Words, This Is More Than [Skating]


Several days late. Better than never.

For the majority of 2005, there was no Quartersnacks. There was an unregistered domain name, and an unseen stockpile of footage featuring the people who would most closely come to be associated with this website.

Then, Thug Motivation 101 dropped.

♫ The world is yours, and everything in it ♫

♫ It’s out there, get on your grind and get it ♫

July 26th, the boy indeed did deliver a classic. On September 12th, QS was born.

But it wasn’t born out of spontaneity. It wasn’t born because we were bored. It was born because Thug Motivation 101 brought it to fruition. Had it not been for that record collection of motivational speeches blaring into our eardrums for the second half of the summer of 2005, you wouldn’t have had a website to stare at every morning for the past decade before you tunnel down whatever dark wormhole of the internet you enjoy. We were young, we were motivated, we got out there and got it. And on top of everything, we were wearing t-shirts that were four sizes too big for us.

[Special thank you to Thando for da mix]

Thank you Jeezy, for everything. Could not have done it without you.

And for the record, this is the greatest video part edited to a song off TM101:

Have a good weekend. Let’s get it.


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