#QSTOP10 — June 21, 2019

Before someone goes “But what about the Texas ‘Wrecking Crew’ video?!” Yeah, there was some cool shit in there, but this week is all about the indies. Dan Magee and Kevin Parrott’s Blips video deserves a full watch if you have yet to do so. We could’ve easily pulled a ten from that video alone, but had to throw in a couple extras ;)

Any help on identifying the two title-less Norwegians is appreciated.

Original Clips:


Intro via @classicgrip on IG [link] 10 Sam Murgatroyd via Blips’ Cover Version [link] 9) Dane Barker via IG [link] 8) ? via “BOOST” [link] 7) ? via “BOOST” [link] 6) Charlie Munro via Blips’ Cover Version [link] 5) Hermann Stene via IG [link] 4) Korahn Gayle via Blips’ Cover Version [link] 3) Will Marshall via IG [link] 2) Antonio Durao via IG [link] 1) Harry Lintell via Blips’ Cover Version [link]


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