The Week In Noseslides

When we are entrenched in a moment — a space where the skateboard media machine feels entirely focused on one full-length, one seminal part, one finicky faux pas — it feels like Nyjah Huston is just frozen in time, midway down a quadruple kink rail, just waiting for our conversation about Gustav’s foot placement to quiet down before he can resume grinding down the remaining nine kinks.

We are long past the days of skateboarding’s progression standing still until the next VHS tape comes out. Time waits for no man — and a bunch of Swedes holed up in Barcelona listening to MF Doom are no exception.

Noseslides, The Building Block of Modern Skateboarding™, don’t pause for anyone either. Though we were all up in arms about the mirror pretzel line, Nisse’s noseslide pop-over the rail was Sour Solution II‘s peak plain-old-noseslide execution. Beyond that, the video set its sights well beyond the Forbidden 14.

Otherwise, Mostly prepped a sizzle reel of the past week in noseslide achievements, covering Sammy Montano’s otherwise-woulda-been-a-#QSTOP10-number-1 (if ditches = park footage on the #skatetwitter hot take circuit, what does that make highway underpass spots?), the aforementioned Nisse clip, and two deep cuts from the Skateboard Cafe video. And yo, honestly, if this weren’t Sour’s week, that Ensemble video would be getting a lot more love. Between Korahn Gayle’s four-level line, Sam Nobbs bowlcut huckery, and Dom Henry making the remains of one of the roughest fucking ledge spots we’ve ever been to feel like it’s some Spanish plaza, there’s a lot to love. Not everything is gonna be a third-eye-opening plunge into sour solution, and Ensemble is the sort of video that will get you as hyped ten years from now as it does today.

People just wanna see you skate! People just wanna see you push! We just want to see all of our 40+ heroes noseslide. American brands unsubtly second-billed all of their European imports throughout the late-90s + 2000s, but it seems that those Euro legends have the last laugh. They’re now filming “people just wanna see you skate!”-parts well into their 40s, and not saddled with the insurmountable pressure of the American Skate Legend Industrial Complex that keeps their stateside peers from doing the same. We’ll happily watch J.B. do no-push noseslide shove lines well into his 50s.

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  1. You guys are just jealous of the rest of the States because you don’t reallly have any ditches!

  2. That JB vid is sick! And that line on flat by Robert Neal pff… dope.

    P.s. QS the best!

  3. QS rules thanks for making life less boring in the north east states like CT. Btw Nyjah was feebling a quad kink, landed it, and is now waiting to hit the next set, spinning his board, menacingly. It’s on his Instagram live!!!

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