QS Top 10 — February 8, 2019

…in which we pick the “normalest” trick in that Chris Haslam part even though it’s not normal at all if you’ve ever seen that spot IRL.

Also it seems that after a year-long stint of going from the most oft-skated spot in Brooklyn (see #6) to “that spot is chunked up and sucks,” the Chauncey Ledges Racist Ledges are enjoying a slow rebirth via their second levels and alternate sides. Enjoy the 54-degree weather today ♥

Original Clips:


Intro via @bubbajacksn on IG [link] 10) Jeremy Murray via Skating Is Easy part [link] 9) Kyron Davis Grey Skate Mag x Nike SB’s “Hey Fede Svin” video [link] 8) Alexis Sablone via Cons’ “DreamSpell” video [link] 7) Jordan Trahan via IG [link] 6) Chris Haslam via “Sterling Golden” part [link] 5) Victor Campillo via “QUOTA” part [link] 4) Kaue Cossa via Cons’ “DreamSpell” video [link] 3) Juan Virues via Hotel Blue’s “About Time” video [link] 2) Max Palmer via IG [link] 1) Louie Lopez via Cons’ “DreamSpell” video [link]


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