Quartersnacks Top 10 — September 21, 2018

Been a big past two weeks for guys named Pedro. Dime Glory Challenge recovery took longer than expected, so it has been somewhat of a slow week around the office. We were going to save any inclusions in the countdown from the contest until the official video made its way online. In the meantime, enjoy the final day of summer :)

Original Clips:


Intro via @skategroundmag [link] 10) Juan Saavedra via “Futur Timeline 04” [link] 9) Andrew Considine via WKND’s “Sir Palmer” video [link] 8) Oscar Candon via “Futur Timeline 04” [link] 7) Lee Yankou via Baby Blue part [link] 6) Karl Salah via New Balance’s “My Road” video [link] 5) Trevor Thompsopn via WKND’s “Sir Palmer” video [link] 4) Alex Schmidt via WKND’s “Sir Palmer” video [link] 3) Cam Sedlick via “Damaged” part [link] 2) Jacopo Carozzi via IG [link] 1) Pedro Biagio via New Balance’s “My Road” video [link]


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