Around The Horn — Riedl, Jamal, Tiago & Busenitz Weigh In On 2018’s World Championship Game of S.K.A.T.E.

Throughout most of our lifetimes, the four-peat has been elusive in professional sports. (The last one was the New York Islanders’ dynastic run of Stanley Cup wins from 1980 until 1983.) This weekend, however, we approach the real possibility of the first four-peat of the new millennium: Wade Desarmo could become the World Champion of Skateboarding for the fourth time in a row.

Only one obstacle stands in his way: winner of Thrasher’s 2013 “Skater of the Year” Award and recurring recipient of Quartersnacks’ more encompassing “Best Skater” award, Ishod Wair.

Your local shop, bar, and T.F. bench has no doubt been abuzz with predictions about this weekend’s game, but predictions seem split down the middle. Sure, Ishod is the Best Skater™ — except who really wants to play devil’s advocate by doubting a three-time repeating champion? Since none of us have ever played a World Champion in S.K.A.T.E. before, our opinions are reduced to amateur guesswork. To get some real insight, we contacted Wade’s past three Glory Challenge opponents and Dennis Busenitz, who once famously swept him in an obscure exhibition series called “Battle at the Berrics,” for their predictions.


Eric Riedl: lost to Wade S-K-A-T-E to S-K-A, 2015

If the game you played was at Peace Park, do you think the outcome would have been different?

Depends how big my wheels are because of all the cracks at Peace Park.

What is the ideal uniform for flatground skateboarding?
A grey sweatsuit all the way. I’m wearing a grey suit today.

Do you regret not wearing a grey sweatsuit for the game?

I regret not drinking a mickey of Jack Daniels with my grey sweatsuit.

How many beers do you think you had beforehand?

I had like 4 beers.

“Wade Desarmo has no weaknesses.”

How many do you think Wade had?

His 3flip wasn’t at the top of his game, so I think he had too many beers.

What would you say Wade’s strengths are?

His late flips, his switch varial flips, his switch hardflips. He’s also a good boxer.

What about his weaknesses?

Wade Desarmo has no weaknesses.

What would you have done differently in a rematch?

I wouldn’t have tried nollie inward heel bigspin like 10 times.

What is your prediction for Ishod v.s. Wade?

Ishod’s a beast on a skateboard and so is Wade — it’s gonna be a really tough match, but Wade always wins.

Jamal Smith: lost to Wade S-K-A-T-E to S-K-A, 2016

Would you still have come out wearing an American flag if [45] was president at the time of your game?

That was all the Dime dudes’ idea. I’d rock the American flag again, more so to troll the Canadians than rep this ass backwards country.

What do you think is the most serious crime Wade has ever committed?

I could see him stealing people’s kittens.

“I only do kickflips when there’s big money on the line.”

Do you think Wade changing his shirts gave him an unfair advantage?

No way. Him being Canadian was the unfair advantage.

What would you say Wade’s strengths are? What about his weaknesses?

Wade has a whole country riding for him, the hometown advantage definitely helps his confidence. Dude clearly has the tricks to beat most pros at S.K.A.T.E., but his nerves could get him. If Ishod isn’t high as shit, it’s gonna be a mission to win.

What would you have done differently in a rematch?

I would have smoked way less weed before it. And probably wouldn’t have tried to do wack ass heelflip body varials either.

Have you tried a kickflip since your game with him?

Yeah, but them jawn’s corny. I only do kickflips when there’s big money on the line.

What is your prediction for Ishod v.s. Wade?

They’re both perfectionists, and they’re both on some athlete shit. To be honest, it could go either way. I’m gonna put my money on black though.

Tiago Lemos: lost to Wade in a sweep, 2017

What was the reaction to the result of the match back in your native Brazil?

When I came back to Brazil, so many kids and friends couldn’t believe I lost to Wade. They were like “you should have won that shit.” I was like, “yeah man, I know, I missed the kickflip.”

“He asked me if I wanted any beer, I was like ‘Nah, I’m good.’ I would try the beers next time.”

How much pressure did you feel going against Wade in his home court?

It was crazy dog, because before the game I was super chill, and when the game started I got super nervous. I didn’t land the kickflip — I was like, “oh shit, what the fuck, what’s happening…”

What would you have done differently in a rematch?

When I first saw Wade that day, he was all nervous too, and he started drinking, like three or four beers. He asked me if I wanted any beer, I was like “Nah, I’m good.” I would try the beers next time.

Have you ever seen Wade laugh?

Nah dog, I don’t think so.

What would you say Wade’s strengths are?

He’s strong at a lot of tricks, his flatground is perfect.

What about his weaknesses?

I don’t know any.

What is your prediction for Ishod v.s. Wade?

Hard to tell, both of them are good. I think it’s gonna be a crazy game.

Dennis Busenitz: beat Wade in a sweep during an exhibition game at B.A.T.B. IV, 2011

What advice would you give someone playing Wade in a game of S.K.A.T.E?

Try to relax, that’s what I would say for any game of S.K.A.T.E., you just have to chill — that usually helps more than anything. You have to keep your game on point pretty much. Make sure you got all the basics ,and then work on your tricks.

“He’s a little overconfident at this point, a little too comfortable.”

Who is the hardest person you have ever played in S.K.A.T.E?

Shane O’Neill. That wasn’t an official game or anything, it was just at some skatepark and it was before he was Shane O’Neill. It was gnarly, he destroyed all of us. It was a little bit of a forecast of what was to come. I got a lot of respect for him from playing him.

What would you say Wade’s strengths are?

The hardflip, everyone knows he’s got a good hardflip. He also has a good switch frontside flip. I remember he did an insane one in the game of S.K.A.T.E. that I had with him.

What about his weaknesses?

Maybe a little too cocky. He’s a little overconfident at this point, a little too comfortable.

What would you have done differently in a rematch?

I wouldn’t do anything differently, it was fine the way it happened.

What is your prediction for Ishod v.s. Wade?

Probably Wade, I’m sorry Ishod. Wade is gonna train hard and be very disciplined about it, and Ishod is just gonna be Ishod and probably forget that he’s playing a game of S.K.A.T.E. in the middle of it. Ishod is also incredible though, so maybe he’ll destroy Wade.

Who do you got this time?

  • Ishod (54%, 606 Votes)
  • Wade (46%, 515 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,121

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  1. Regardless of stats and history, I’ll take Ishod over Wade everytime. In a best of 3, I think he’d beat anyone easily.

  2. Islanders, Stanley Cup Champions: 1980, ’81, ’82 and ’83. 4 seasons…..

  3. Wade “Muthafuckin” DesArmo gonna fuck yo mama, then fuck up the Game of S.K.A.T.E. for yo bitch ass! Betta watch dat still

  4. Yo I four prayed at the olympics suckas. This was pre-dabs and I was just smoking kush out the bong. Get your facts straight.

    Also my uncle Jake is a dick and used to beat me up as a toddler

  5. this is the only good example of jock influence on skateboarding… ever.. its fun. maybe i do like sports. Get em for Jersey, Ish

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