Quartersnacks Top 10 — August 24, 2018

Do you think we will ever make it 365 days on this blue marble spinning through space without somebody throwing “Tom’s Diner” in a skate clip. Real ones know that’s Billy Rohan’s song too, for better or worse ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Don’t know anybody’s name from it, but you should give “Hdeepfried” a watch for a nice overview of new(ish) generation S.F. skating. We don’t put titles in videos either, not mad at you guys ;)

Original Clips:


Intro via @meatball_3000 on Instagram [link] 10) Cody Riley via P.D. Distribution Promo [link] 9) ? via “Hdeepfried” [link] 8) Also ??? via “Hdeepfried” [link] 7) Guy Mariano via IG [link] 6) Max Palmer via “Atlantic Drift: Hawaii” [link] 5) Sylvain Tognelli via “Atlantic Drift: Hawaii” [link] 4) Wine God via “Since Barcelona” [link] 3) Levi Jarvis via P.D. Distribution Promo [link] 2) Brandon Girodana via PFP5 [link] 1) Tom Knox via “Atlantic Drift: Hawaii” [link]


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  1. Tom Knox line will be remembered here in Hawaii for a long time, easily one of the best things ever filmed in the islands, I said ever. Ever.

  2. Nothing done in the recent Palace and Atlantic Drift vids are better than what is done by the locals day in day out… was kinda embarrassing to watch the Palace vid when you put it in perspective, doing mickey mouse versions of tricks that were done there 15+ years ago. ShittyKids forever.

  3. i think you check out this game, ‘tony hawks pro skater,’ moke. you can do the hardest tricks in it as much as you want. i think youd like that more than actual skating

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