Quartersnacks Top 10 — June 29, 2018

2018 is half over and we don’t know whether to be scared or surprised, but any week with a bunch of new Javier Sarmiento footage is a good enough week ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Original Clips:


Intro via IG [link] 10) Javier Sarmiento via “Nike SB Europe: BCN” [link] 9) Michael Mackrodt via “Fishing Lines in Paris:” Volume 2″ [link] 8) Kevin Vu via Jacky Jacky [link] 7) “Antoine” via Jacky Jacky [link] 6) Caleb Barnett via Nike SB’s “Hockey Killshot” video [link] 5) Milton Martinez via OJ’s “Elite Volume 1” video [link] 4) Diego Todd via Nike SB’s “Hockey Killshot” video [link] 3) Axel Cruysberghs via OJ’s “Elite Volume 1” video [link] 2) Jarne Verbruggen via Jacky Jacky [link] 1) Tyshawn Jones via IG [link]


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  1. @psh no No they are closed off. The cops put back the fencing everywhere and there are No Trespassing signs all over. I was down there the other day around 3pm and there was not one person skating there. You can try to hop the fence if you’re willing to risk getting chased out by the cops.

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