Quartersnacks Top 10 — June 22, 2018

If she won’t skate I won’t make her

Original Clips:


Intro via @dimemtl on IG [link] 10) Ishod Wair via IG [link] 9) Mark Del Negro via Theories “Patsy” video [link] 8) Jon Dickson via Deathwish Part II [link] 7) Erick Winkowski via Independent Part [link] 6) Shin Sambongi via IG [link] 5) Erik Ellington via Deathwish Part II [link] 4) Tommy Fynn via IG [link] 3) Barney Page via Album [link] 2) Pedro Barros via “Silver Era” part [link] 1) Jacopo Carozzi via “Stazione Centrale” part [link]


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  1. would be nice to see some more females featured, there have been some sick clips including a full edit on thrasher this week
    not to mention instagram clips which yall grab from on the reg. so many females are doing cool stuff riippin on insta too…

  2. Would be nice to see more clips of otters. All my otter homies out here In my neck of the woods have been killin it with or without the wood ya feel me

  3. fel

    not to say that girls on the whole (Breana Geering) aren’t ridiculously good (better than I’ll ever be), but one could make the argument that merely “featuring” more girl skaters because it “would be nice” would undercut the idea of equality. It would cheapen the essence ya dig?

    If ya dont dig, that’s cool too.
    happy friday

  4. I don’t dig because thats not what i’m getting at. Sure one could make the argument that “merely featuring…..”

    but i’m not talking about “merely featuring”. did I seem to be asking for pity features in my poat above? I felt pretty clear on the fact that these girls are ripping and have earned their place on a top ten. Breana for instance has such a sick stand out part , a sick fast push, sick impossible, nollie flip etc and skates all street,with night clips, vx filming high quality edit, and so on……

  5. Half otter half man,
    I’m still upset QS didn’t use “olive” the otters clip in 2015
    RIP Olive, gone but never forgotten

  6. ‘Lemme just swap this Ishod line out for this “sick fast push…”‘

  7. Fuck otters. I’ll casper those little fucker to death. Lik e in that movie kids w/ Harold hunters.

  8. yo I’m the same dude that dwells on love. Harold hunter lives on forever in my heart. Legends never die sun. the Qs guys & girls on this whole top 10/ this site rock. I’m cereal tho, Sometimes I talk smack for shits n giggles but at the end of the day Quarter snacks is fuckkn dope. Otters are cool too. I’m a pacifist. I wouldn’t dream of hurtin anyone or animals.peaceout guys ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  9. I wanna see an alien do a switch tre flip. Ha.yo Quarter snacks is fuckkn dope. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  10. Lol whatever but theres nothing punk or fucking cool about denying the stoke that comes with a female ripping in a rad edit. Its kind of gross how often some of these fucc bois are featured on here and worshipped like theyre these underground cool gods.

    I (kind of)get it if breana’s edit came late in the week and didnt make the cut due to timing, but whats worse is this comments section and the fact that no1 else is down. Seriously Bro’d out around here.

    Also – elissa steamer has been having a steady output of ripping stylish skating too in case you missed it.

  11. mate, you’re talking like this is some serious official highlight reel on national tv.
    I also got the feeling these top 10s have been getting bigger and used to rely more on stupidity and homies in the past. which has always been refreshing.

    I also neither dig pedro barros, nor do I get a kick out of watching mark del negro or jon dickson, but I gotta admit everything that was featured was a standout.

    A girl doing nosegrind nollieflips and everything else I couldn’t do is insane, but I also guess there’s more to come in the future. And then again, I’d rather watch an old Elissa part or Nora backsmithing a pool coping

    Can we all agree that there’s been one major nasal trick featuring a flip out – the one which tore milano central apart

  12. everybody just relax. skateboarding is fun, don’t overthink fun. i think all the top tens are great. and funny too. they all have personality, nobody worshipping anybody. i’m sure the skate community just appreciate Qs for makin this goofy top 10’s because nobody else is out here makin us laugh and rant about it like quarter snacks. just like this dope website. i think Qs is rad. if people feel salty about the top ten then send in some clips, i’m we all would love to see you skate. it’s just fun. thats why we all love skateboarding. its not that serious at all. we do it to forget the other bullshit goin on in our lives anyways so peace \_(ツ)_/¯

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