Quartersnacks Top 10 — February 2, 2018

A couple of Euros, an Australian, a nosebonk, a noseslide and a Franco.

Currently soliciting sponsors for our upcoming “King of Essex” contest, which will be a “Best Trick” held exclusively at this spot.

Original Clips:


Intro via @easybolts on Instagram [link] 10) Sammy Winter via Carhartt WIP’s “TAV” video [link] 9) Charlie Cassidy via NY Archive part [link] 8) Oski via “2two2” [link] 7) John Francomacaro via NY Archive part [link] 6) Remy Taviera via Carhartt WIP’s “TAV” video [link] 5) Quel Haddox via DGK’s “Beware of the Underdogs” video [link] 4) Herman Stene via Spitfire’s “Arson Department II” video [link] 3) Enzi Fazliov via “SLP’s Turso” [link] 2) Mark Suciu via Adidas’ “Introducing /// Suciu ADV II” video [link] 1) Harry Lintell via Spitfire’s “Arson Department II” video [link]


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