Five Favorite Parts With Louie Lopez

Photo by Atiba

The latest Five Faves comes from this year’s Tampa Pro titleholder, a 2017 S.O.T.Y. contender, last year’s runner-up for Quartersnacks’ first annual Skater You’d Be Most OK With Your Daughter Dating Award™, and subject of one of my all-time favorite QS Quote of the Week editions ever, Louie Lopez.


Andrew Reynolds — Birdhouse: The End (1998)

This was one of the first videos that I saw. I remember my parents went on their honeymoon to Jamaica and came back with this video for me as a souvenir. When I went to watch it via VHS, my mom recorded over all the parts that had drinking or chicks in it. There are a few wild parts in the video, so it would just be skating, static, then back to skating. I always loved Reynolds’ part from that video. Even being so young and not knowing too much about skating yet, I knew that this part was legendary. That was my first introduction to a classic Reynolds frontside flip and I was amazed. I always loved the clips where he’s rocking the bucket hat, too.

Remy Stratton — “Best Style ASR 1999”

Remy is the Volcom team manager. I always heard that he was an insane skateboarder when I was younger on the team. I had seen him skate in person, so of course I already knew he killed it, but I remember watching this video and all the others on YouTube and being in awe. I love the slo mo replays on this video. The ollie to truck bash is insane and I’ve never seen one like that. If I feel like getting hyped to watch some full-speed flying I usually run this one up…of course followed up by some G.T. and Cardiel.

Jerry Hsu — Enjoi: Bag of Suck (2006)

Jerry has always been a favorite. All his parts are fucked up, and you can tell he puts in 110% into every project. His style on the roll-aways has always stood out to me. Jerry really has a one of a kind style and fucked up switch maneuvers. Even to this day, I’ll listen to the second song and get psyched reminiscing about this part.

Jake Johnson — Alien Workshop: Mind Field (2009)

I always love going on trips with Jake. Seeing him skateboard in person is next level. The tricks he chooses to try at spots or even just warming up will be some of the most insane shit ever. I usually end up sitting down and enjoying the show. It’s hard to have a part, and have pretty much every trick be memorable and have a major impact. This part has always been that type of part for me. Every single trick is jacked and done with such style and grace.

Tiago Lemos — The DC Promo “Rough Cut”

Next level shit! The pop, the power, the trick selection, the gear, the list can go on on how G Tiago’s skating is. I love the front shut and switch front shuvs he does after every trick he lands. Tiago is definitely one of my favorites right now, and I’m sure everyone else’s too. Respect, Tiago.

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  1. Solid video list from Louie.
    Except I don’t think anybody would ever expect to ever see a Remy Stratton trade show video in anybody’s Favorite Parts list.

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