Quartersnacks Top 10 — July 14, 2017

With this episode, we officially made it to a full year worth of QS Top 10s! No clue how we kept the site updated on Fridays prior to doing these. We were going to do a full statistical breakdown of the series over the past year, but let’s just say most appearances is probably a tie between Tiago, Tyshawn Jones and Gustav Tønnesen.

Here’s what the first QS Top 10 ever looked like, if you care.

It was a classic weird week. The New York episode of “Atlantic Drift” now holds the record for the amount of times a single montage has appeared in a Top 10 at four clips — and honestly, it could’ve probably been seven or eight (Casper’s line at Bellevue Park, Remy Tav + Kyron’s tricks at the Houston Rail, the Suciu trick at Seward Park, etc.) Otherwise, there is not thing more powerful than a really, really good kickflip ;) Enjoy the weekend ♥

Original Clips:


Intro via @wingus17 on Instagram [link] 10) Ben Gore via Butter Goods’ “Step Into a World” video [link] 9) Marcello Campabello via Instagram [link] 8) Taylor Nawrocki via “Atlantic Drift: New York” [link] 7) Jake Johnson via Riddles in Mathematics montage [link] 6) Chris Jones via “Atlantic Drift: New York” [link] 5) Wade Desarmo via “éS x DGK” [link] 4) Casper Brooker via “Atlantic Drift: New York” [link] 3) Mike Arnold via “Atlantic Drift: New York” [link] 2) Colin Provost via Volcom’s “Hell of a Summer” video [link] 1) Karsten Kleppan via Instagram [link]


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