Quartersnacks Top 10 — December 30, 2016


Last one of the year boys ;) Had a good time putting these together for the past six months and thanks to everyone for all of the feedback. The past week has been pretty slow on traditional media outlets, so this edition is rather Instagram heavy. Also no idea why the Studio Skateboards video was only ripping without audio, but oh well.

Most important news of the past week is that the god Lucas is back on the board — unless of course someone comes through right now with a “that footage is old” quip, which is 50% likely. Have a good one ♥

Original Clips:


10) Brayan Albarenga via Instagram [link] 9) Ruben Spelta via Instagram [link] 8) Brett Weinstein via Studio’s Elan Vital video [link] 7) Justin Henry via Quasi Skateboards’ Instagram [link] 6) Marcello Campanello via Vine [link] 5) Will Marshall via Instagram [link] 4) Manny Lopez via Spitfire Wheels clip [link] 3) Oski via “P-Stone’s Xmas Cookie: Oski” [link] 2) Lucas Puig via Instagram [link] 1) Wade Desarmo via Instagram [link]


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  1. 2020 Olympics should definitely have street plaza 1×2 plank skating, i’d watch the shit out of that

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