Quartersnacks Top 10 — October 28, 2016


Huge news. TSA found the missing Macbook that was eulogized in last week’s Top 10 post! Much respect to those honest women and men in royal blue shirts. Love you all.

ANYWHO, this week is heavy on 1) Instagram heroes, and 2) legends. Any time Stevie Williams descends down from the Asphalt Cloud Club to give us a few G switch mongo pushes guarantees him a spot on the #QSTOP10, same goes for the other two guys you’ll notice with only first-name billing.

Everyone have a safe Halloween weekend and wish Pad Dowd a happy birthday ♥

Original Clips:


10) @byviru via Instagram [link] 9) Vincent Coupeau via “DPY – 3 – De Paris Of London Aus Berlin” [link] 8) Mike Carroll via “Weakdays: Dugout Ledges” [link] 7) Brett Weinstein via DEEP DISH – “r̶e̶s̶p̶e̶c̶t̶” [link] 6) Stevie Williams via “AYC – Tokyo Slaps” [link] 5) Cody Chapman via Instagram [link] 4) Dylan Nieves via Instagram [link 3) Ty Hjortland via Instagram [link] 2) Kevin Tshala via Instagram [link] 1) Pete Eldridge via “DPY – 3 – De Paris Of London Aus Berlin” [link]


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  1. remember when Puig did that body varial nose grind revert thingy on one of the Market St. ledges? …but switch, and with a heelflip?

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