Quartersnacks Top 10 — October 14, 2016


Late start to the last day of the week over here. Been on a bender since the ~party~ obvs, but we good now xoxo. Thanks to everyone who came out, really means a lot. Quartersnacks for Nike SB available now.

Special tribute edition of the top 10 below. Also FYI, McCrank’s Firing Line should be in this thing, but it’s just too long and would make this clip like three minutes long :) Have a good weekend. Rest in peace Dylan Rieder. Tell your friends you love them.

Original Clips:


10. Jaws via “THF Foundation Secret Session” video [link] 9. Blake Johnson via Instagram [link] 8. Zach Panebianco via “Shoot All Skaters Export: Chris Mulhern” [link] 7. Adrian Del Campo via @weigerv on Instagram [link] 6. Mike Carroll via Girl’s Washington State video [link] 5. Kristian Krasimirov via Instagram [link] 4. Kyle Walker via “Surveillance 02” [link] 3. Oscar Navarro via “Magnified” [link] 2. Milton Martinez via Instagram [link] 1. Dylan. [link]


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