Quartersnacks Top 10 — September 30, 2016


Pretty slow past week for lines, and with that, we arrive at the shortest #QSTOP10 in the series’ also short history. With only one true [two trick] line this week, it was more about aquaman impressions, obscure Europeans, and of course, the lifestyle hammer that dominated all skateboard conversation since Tuesday. Stay dry out there this weekend. Have a good one.


10) @mobblo_sings via @tettygram on IG [link 9) Will Marshall via @dimemtl on IG [link] 8) Josh Anderson via Killing Floor Pro Part [link] 7) Some Russian guy via the Paccbet promo [link] 6) Jan Henrik Kongstein via Nike SB’s “Karsten & Janno” video [link] 5) Matt Militano via his Deep Fried America part [link] 4) Benjamin Garcia via DC Shoes – Special Delivery: France [link] 3) Karsten Kleppan via Nike SB’s “Karsten & Janno” video [link] 2) Frankie Spears via his “Bigly” Part [link] 1) Brian Anderson via Vice Sports [link]


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  1. There’s no point in even following skateboard media anymore. Just watch the QS Top 10, and you’re basically caught up.

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