Quartersnacks Top 10 — September 23, 2016


Busy week in the skate video universe between the Blobys, Sk8mafia x Sour, an always welcome appearance from Rick Howard, the 917 vid, and probably the largest barrage of NBDs to go down in a handrail-based part in who knows how long. Can’t really bring this institution down by putting a 16-stair handrail trick at number one though ;) We got a reputation to maintain. Any flip trick that brings Kalis to mind is a surefire #1 though :) Have a good first weekend of the fall xoxo.

Original Clips:


10) Matlok Bennett-Jones via “Tulip” [link] 9) Roman Gonzales via “Faces” [link] 8) Jordan Gesko via Bruns 2 [link] 7) Dustin Henry via @alltimers on IG [link] 6) Cyrus Bennett via “Nike SB x Call Me 917: Country Club” [link] 5) Jordan Gesko via “Faces” [link] 4) Roman Lisivka via IG [link] 3) Rick Howard via Crailtap’s Clip of the Day [link] 2) Paul Hart via “In Hart We Trust” [link] 1) Gustav Tonnesen via “Burn the Borders” [link]


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