New One From Supreme, Bill Strobeck and Grant Taylor


“King Puppy” is the latest from Bill Strobeck, the Supreme boys and Grant Taylor, released in anticipation of the new GT Blazer they have dropping tomorrow. Highlights include a brief unofficial sequel to the Bronx bank-to-ledge session from “cherry,” switch street grabs, and Vincent Touzery displaying the finest bit of same-but-different line choreography (this website’s favorite brand of lines, tbh) since Danny Brady’s back 180 5-0 180 / back 180 5-0 shuv line at Republiqué.

BUT, the best part is Grant’s hypnotic section on the Supreme L.A. bowl. Making a three-minute section on a shop ramp look interesting isn’t the easiest thing in the world. More often than not, anybody who doesn’t know the people in front of the lens never makes it halfway through your average shop mini ramp clip. Grant annihilates every crevice, ending every line (is “line” accurate transition terminology?) by implanting thoughts of “…wait, what the fuck did he just do, why did it look so simple, and how did that light not break into a zillion pieces?” in your brain.

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  1. yo bill needs to calm down filming gt. normally he makes the dudes look better but following gt’s feet makes me dizzy and i wanna see all of him anyway. that’s why the bruray footage is so dope. i get that the filming and art thing matter but it takes away from his skating which is all i wanna see in this godforsaken world!!!! the goat GT!!!

  2. ^I agree, the zooming is not good at all, this is just constructive criticism. It hurts my eyes and it makes it so hard for me to focus on the skating; zooming in on the feet doesn’t let us see how incredible some of the stuff the skaters are doing. I’m not a hater, just trying to enjoying skate videos

  3. i realize that out of the like hour of footage bills put out since cherry i only liked (or remember) alexs republique line
    its weird that he really could film the ‘cherry guys’ but cant really anymore

  4. josh kalis’ favorite filmer is my favorite filmer. everything else he’s filmed has been undeniably the shit and instagram filming is because he started filming that way and it was sick.
    that being said, it’s GT’s fault that bill doesnt work here cause gt’s the fucking goat and i wanna pause and rewind every trick he does cause they dont make sense even though they’re mostly ollies, grinds and airs and the way bill filmed this makes it harder for me to do that and see what the fuck is going on. even on the noseblunt he does on that jersey barrier.

  5. tight crop zoom works in the bowl bc the space is relatively established.

    tight crop zoom only communicates the trick when u already understand the spot. if the space isn’t established and it’s not a familiar spot, the trick falls away.

    the benefit is that you can see the emotions of the humans doing the tricks instead, which is good because > 90% percent of all filmed tricks are boring as such

  6. Somewhat within the spectrum of your favorite brand of lines, see: Ben Gore in bright moments. Backside flip over a motorcycle, revert, push, backside flip on flat. Absolute gold.

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