Quartersnacks Top 10 — July 15, 2016

qs top 10

With NBA free agency cooling down, the QS Sports Desk takes the summer off. Why are footing the six-figure bill on their salary, if they only really cover one league? We came up with the perfect solution for our ruffian staff of ESPN internship rejects.

Following all the skate clips that get spewed out on the internet in a given week is hard work — IG, Thrasher, Slap, whatever fringe sites you may care to indulge — it’s a lot. And we here at QS are not shy about our love for SportsCenter. We’ve discussed that the third repeat of the day’s “Top Ten Plays” has long been the shortcode for “buddy, you need to get the fuck out of the house and get some sunlight” on here before. So we mashed the two together. We watch the clips so you don’t have to, and cull all of the highlights from a given week into a digestable countdown.

We accept contributions and suggestions, too! Be it for format, or inclusions. Be sure to @ us on anything #relevant to our interests for consideration, using the #QSTOP10 hashtag. Noseslides get special attention.

Featured Skaters:


10) Dustin Henry via @chuckmvp 9) Paul Tucci 8) Danny Brady 7) Nisse Ingemarrson 6) Farid Ulrich 5) Jasper Dohrs 4) Gustav Tønnesen 3) Gustav Tønnesen 2) Greyson Fletcher via @monsantokills 1) Forrest Edwards


In the future, would it be easier to include the skater’s name inside the video? Open to any and all suggestions here. Have a great weekend :)


  1. Thanks for helping me with my personal commitment to less screen time. Commentary would be fun for a while but let’s be honest it would get old. Was hyped to see the Greyson clip in there. QS throwing a tranny clip in its top ten is the equivalent to SC throwing a soccer clip in theirs.

  2. so many wows. all the homies having fun, my week would be boring without the top ten. peace, bong hits, and love my ninjas.

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