Five* Favorite Parts With Gino Iannucci

gino by mehring

Photo by Jonathan Mehring

Dropped the ball on this series as of late, but what better way to spark it up again than with the guy people would rather watch push? Save one seminal ledge skating part, Gino’s picks were completely unexpected, transition-heavy and refreshing. He even called back a minute after we got off the phone to say he couldn’t just list five and had to add one in (it’s the one from 1997 by the way), hence the asterisk next to the five.

Always open to requests for Five Faves, and thanks for bearing with us as we begin to pull the Quartersnacks Editorial Department off the Fall-Off List ;) ♥

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Skate Camp Section — H-Street: Hokus Pokus (1989)

[Part begins at the ~5:00 mark]

I don’t know what skate camp they filmed it at, but there’s a section with a lot of Danny Way and Matt Hensley footage. It’s half in slow-mo and half in regular motion, and it was a really hypnotizing part. I remember Danny Way doing crazy method grabs and kickflip indys over the hip, and Matt Hensley rocking three different prototypes of Airwalks and doing caballerial backside grabs. I liked the old skatepark set-ups back in the day with the double pipe handrails and remember them transferring onto those off of the hip.

That was one of my earliest memories of a great video part that really moved me.

Henry Sanchez — Blind: Tim & Henry’s Pack of Lies (1992)

To a street skater, that was a very pivotal part. Seeing someone go that fast and kill shit was amazing. That part sparked me and really pushed me after it came out. It was ledge skating at its best, and I haven’t been as moved by a video part like that since. He pushed ledge skating to such a different level, made everything look really raw, and nobody had seen anything like that until it came out.

Mini Ramp Section — Plan B: Questionable (1992)

Every part in that video was amazing, but that mini ramp section was when people started bringing what they learned from street skating onto a ramp. Watching street skaters skate a mini ramp always really stood out for me. Danny Way’s lines, backside noseblunts and combinations were insane. He was skating with like a splint on his arm, completely wrapped up and still going for it with one arm.

Friends / Blind Section — Plan B: Virtual Reality (1993)

[Part starts at the 19:35 mark. Audio on the YouTube version is disabled.]

Once you hear the Beatles song come on, and Jeron sets it off with the nollie heelflip — I just loved that part. It really touched me. Each guy only had one or two clips but each trick was a banger.

I loved the part where Tim Gavin is pushing, the paper cup gets stuck under his wheel and he still does the half cab noseslide backside 270 out. It’s fucking him up and you still see him going for it and land the trick. I always loved the little things that you remember about a video part, like the cup. Those small things are harder to find nowadays.

Also, Ronnie Bertino’s line at Lockwood was amazing — the frontside flip on flat and then switch backside 360 over the little hip. That’s a person who isn’t spoken about enough in street skating. He is one of the best ever.

Danny Way & Colin McKay — Plan B: The Revolution (1997)

I rewound that part a million times; I rewound the part where Danny Way does a cabballelrial heelflip and then bangs on the coping a million times on its own. Those guys brought street skating to vert and took it to a completely different level — the heelflip crooked grinds and switch back tail shoves on vert were all insane. That one really hit me hard when it came out.

Jim Greco – Baker 2G (2000)

It wasn’t a long part. He had a small amount of tricks and I liked that there would be a few different angles of each trick. “Gloria” by Van Morrison is also one of my favorite songs of all time, especially with the whole Outsiders thing. Every trick was done really proper and I remember being stoked on how he came through on each one. It’s an all around very moving, great part.

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  1. such a good, insightful list. it’s so dope how he chooses to say that parts and tricks “moved” him.

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