Yo It Might Could Be Summer?


Summer Bod Goals

Though we never released the official transcripts, there was a QS Board meeting this past winter than rendered the era of the five-to-six minute web montage completely, like, ~over~. With Instagram videos reaching one-minute durations now, we’ve come full circle in that dudes can basically break through with about as much footage as they would have needed for a 411 “Wheels of Fortune” in 1998. Hoarding clips from February until Memorial Day for a mega montage seems like something that made more sense in 2010 yaknow? Quick “logs” make more sense, and here’s some stuff that didn’t make a lot of those aforelinked #logs yo. Jk, the “End of Summer” clip will probably be fifteen minutes long ;)

Enjoy your long weekend. How great is actual summer :)

Features Matt Perez, Genesis Evans, Haffa, Josh Velez, Troy Stillwell, Keith Denley, Pad Dowd, Connor Champion, Gavin Nolan, Kadeem Walters. Filmed by Andre Page and Pad Dowd.

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  1. How do you guys deal with drafting great rookies over the years (Jake Johnson, Yaje, Loose Trucks Max, Andrew Wilson), only to loose them to larger market teams (i.e. Nike)?

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