‘Market’ — #Art & An Adam Zhu Part

zhu willyb

Photo by Andrea DoSouto

“Market” is a new video by Adam Zhu, which premiered last month [at a party where it was famously observed that only those wiser in their years bother to admire rooftop scenery instead of, like, trying to get laid.]

It’s a lifestyle footage, Super-8 heavy affair reminiscent of Thomas Campbell’s “A Love Supreme” piece from twenty years ago, a la it’s a skate video but the skating takes a backseat to the ~vibez~. Though it is a showcase for Letter Racer artists, the video is special for our cause because it contains an Adam Zhu part — an infallible placeholder on the “Favorite Below Drinking Age New York Skateboarder” shortlist. Most of his video outings have been brief affairs (consult Looney Bin and DBD Volume 1 for past mini parts), so this VHS cam mood piece is the best you’ll have to go on for now ;)

Includes guest tricks from Genny and Powers.


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