Merry Christmas


We’ve been making these clips for over ten years. This is literally the eleventh one, which might make it the longest running web clip in the cluttered history of the #skateboardinternet. This also may be the year where we lightened up a bit. The late weeknights in midtown didn’t happen — not like it feels like Christmas outside anyway. We did make it up to Lenox [once] though, got Tyler Tufty out for a sesh, and skated a stump [twice]. Merry Christmas and thanks to everyone for their support this year.

Features Matt Perez, Jesse Alba, Elijah Cole, Conor Prunty, Connor Champion, Troy Stilwell, C.J., Emilio Cuilan, Tyler Tufty, Keith Denley, Ishod Wair, Chris Millic, Max Palmer, Zach Baker, Kohlton Ervin, Jack Sabback.

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Also worth noting that Paul Young uploaded Bleach in full to YouTube, in the event that you need some holiday viewing after you’ve re-watched Tom Knox’s Vase part for the fifteenth time ;)

P.S. A new all-time great Christmas song.


  1. Come on the only thing xmas about this clip was zach bakers nighttime footy. this was not a a christmas clip. sorry those midtown night sessions were key to your xmas clips past. you’re better than this.

  2. Igiveuponyou, You’re momma never taught you to never look a gift horse in the mouth huh? Thanks for the clip snack, some real gems in there, despite the global warming.

  3. That Knox part is amazing. Highly recommend buying the Vase DVD. It’s been years since I’ve religiously rewatched a video this many times in just a couple weeks.

  4. damn quartersnacks, all you do is blow shit up for the undeserving. like why you gotta blatantly put Gucci’s new mixtape on your website? yeah you can use the songs all you want, of course, but why you posting a picture of the whole mixtape for everyone to see? Some people be actually dedicated, checkin Datpiff for upcoming mixtapes and shit and you just blast it out. Also I think your part of the reason all these LA fuckers be coming out here nowadays. All I’m saying is at this point, you ruining shit for people who actually live in new york, so reconsider…

  5. thats not my point at all. obviously Gucci Mane isn’t a fucking secret. No shit. He’s the Trap God. but quartersnacks just be showing the wrong people the right stuff. that’s what I’m trying to say. they aint the same as they used to be. they hurtin ny skating rather than helping at this point. alright i’m done now. shoulda never spoke my mind, getting all emotional over some bullshit

  6. I disagree because keeping tabs on what music QS is using in their video clips helps me avoid it when I’m out in the world. An audio-based “what not to do” list. THANKS QUARTERSNACKS. *cue “The More You Know…” graphic jingle*

  7. I’m really surprised at how low the average IQ of Quartersnacks readers (or maybe just the knuckleheads that comment here?) are. Knowledge rains supreme:)

  8. alright “KRS ONE” you can fuck right off. and this is my last comment on this shit for all you dumb hoes cuz this annoying: Obviously the doods that run this site just thought the tape cover was chill n funny cuz look at it…it’s Big Guwop hoppin out the manhole from prison wita ak, a pair of shades, a santa hat, he still in his jumpsuit, AND he got keyshia waiting for him in the back wit the rari. I mean that shit is amazing and i bet all you “high IQ” fux didn’t even appreciate it. All you care about is the witty sarcastic ass skateboard journalism shit. yall r soft. FREE GUWOP F.E.B.

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