Five Favorite Parts With Chris Milic

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[Cropped] photo by Colin Sussingham

Starting to try and avoid candidates for this series who feel guilty not recommending Sheffey in Soldier’s Story and Gonz in Video Days (no offense y’all) — at least for a few installments. So we’re getting ~weird~.

This one comes from Alex Olson’s favorite skateboarder, Forrest Edward’s OIAM co-star, and Hjalte Halberg’s most accurate impressonator, Chris Mango Milic.


Kerry Getz, Bam Margera, Mike Maldonado — Transworld: Feedback (1998)

Those Transworld videos were so essential for little kids, maybe just because it had the skaters talking in them. I still think that voiceovers in videos are really cool. It just seems like people can’t do them correctly anymore. They probably make more sense when you’re a kid, but the Transworld ones were done really well.

I got this video at Best Buy as a double-pack DVD with The Reason. At first, I liked The Reason more but eventually grew to watch Feedback way more. It had the Muska “day” in it, and a lot of that was filmed in Arizona, so I thought it was really cool. In the credits, they thank this skate shop by my house called Curly’s, which was only open for a few years. This guy Peter Gallagher owned it, who was kind of a legend to me. He was insane; he’d early grab off a school bus roof barefoot.

I also like this part a lot because I think people forget that Bam is a great skater.

Matt Field — Real Skateboards: Real to Reel (2001)

I love the song in this part. I remember downloading a lot of skate video songs off Kazaa. You could search like “this is skateboarding emerica” or something and all the songs from the parts would come up for download. This video came out way before my time. I was really into getting skate videos and when I asked about Real to Reel they told me “This one’s old, but it’s pretty good.” The End was another big video like that for me. I saw Heath and Jeremy Klein’s part playing in the shop and asked the guy working for it. He goes, “You sure wanna buy this? It came out like six years ago.”

Louie Barletta & Jerry Hsu — Osiris: Subject To Change (2003)

My friend showed this video and I remember asking for it for Christmas. My mom sent a Christmas list to my aunt and I got a skiing video called Subject to Change in the mail from her.

I had both of these dudes Osiris pro shoes after this part. The no comply out of Clipper Ledge was so insane when it came out, it still sticks out to this day. Man Down might’ve been my first video ever, and I’ve always been hyped on Tilt Mode. This video also had one of favorites credits section. I remember when I was little, I liked a lot of credits sections more than the actual videos.

Marc Johnson — Girl Skateboards: Yeah Right! (2003)

I had videos besides Yeah Right, but this was the first video that I’d watch every day. I clearly remember watching it, finishing Marc Johnson’s part, then stopping the video to go out in my driveway and skate a flatbar in the dark for an hour. Sometimes, I wouldn’t even do any tricks — I’d just go skate up and down the street with the song fresh in my head, trying shuv-it reverts on flat like he did.

When I first saw the video, I had no idea how they were doing all the green screen stuff. I thought they figured out some new way to ollie really high. When Mike Carroll grinds up the rail, I thought he figured out some way to pop off the bottom stair. It made sense after seeing the invisible board section and the green boards in the credits, but it took a couple watches before I figured it out.

Glenn Garcia — Chump Vid (2015)

Part begins at 19:40 mark

This is a video made by a bunch of my friends in San Diego. It’s all filmed on a VHS cam. The whole video has a really nostalgic feel.

I really like my friend Glenn’s part. His brother is Aldrin Garcia, who owns the current record for the highest ollie and has some tricks in this part too. I haven’t re-watched a newer video part over and over in a long time until this one. When you’re little, you repeat things over and over, even when you’re learning how to talk. I feel like it’s the same for skate videos. You don’t rewatch parts as much when you’re older, even the ones you like.

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