‘That Dirty Spirit 2’ — QS + PDX

qs pdx

Below is a quick video of our weekend trip to the land of Lunarlon, “Matt Beach did this here”-anecdotes (never forget), insanely good food, gorgeous mountain views, bad [face] tattoos, and strippers dancing to MF Doom.

Naturally, DS2 A.K.A. “That Dirty Spirit 2,” as it is known through Matt Perez’s Snapchat, did not leave the CD changer throughout the duration of the journey.

Features Finn, John Gardner, Cyrus Bennett, Dom Travis, Ty Lyons, Rob Sissi, Tyler Tufty. Video by Johnny Wilson, of Space Heater fame.

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  1. Today’s my birthday and my girl managed to get me the very last QS dad hat available in the UK/anywhere but royal mail mistakenly gave the parcel to someone else. So that’s a bummer but trying to keep it positive. If a royal blue dad hat ends up with another UK quartersnacks supporter then it’s all goody fam. But if you have my hat and don’t even know what quartersnacks is then fuck you, give me my fuckin hat back

  2. Update if you care snack; Royal Mail retrieved my hat. All is well and I can continue repping QS in the south of England happily. Safe

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