Five Favorite Parts With Hjalte Halberg

hjalte schiffer

Chilling with Schiffer.

Keeping the series international for now. The latest installment comes from the reigning titleholder for Quartersnacks Noseslider of the Year — who in all honesty, stands the chance of two-peating even against some tough competition.

Rob Welsh — Aesthetics: Ryde or Die Volume 1 (2001)

Welsh is the all-time noseslide king. I have nothing specific to say about this video other than that every person who skates — no matter when they started — should watch it the whole way though.

Paul Rodriguez – Transworld: In Bloom (2002)

At the time this came out, in Copenhagen there was — I wouldn’t say a “war” — but a big divide between all the hip-hop skaters and all the rock skaters. They wouldn’t skate with one another. I was in the middle but maybe a bit more rock than hip-hop. I feel like this was the part where he was finding himself a bit too. He’s definitely a bit more rocker in the some of the clips.

The part is insanely good when you look at how young he is. It’s his best one for sure, he even skates faster in it than he does now. I watched it every night before I went to sleep. I was really bad at being able to tell the difference between switch and regular when I was younger, but learned it with this part. I thought Evan Hernandez had the best one in the video until my friend was like, “No, half the stuff [Paul] does is switch.”

Brian Delatorre – Creation Skateboards: High Grade Blend (2006)

I dropped out of high school, got a job, and saved money to go on this trip to San Francisco for two-and-a-half months. It was me and four other guys from Denmark. We went there not knowing anything and didn’t have anyone to show us around. One of the guys we went with was getting flowed wheels from Satori. We went to their distributor to say hello and they gave us this video. It was the only video we had in our apartment, so we just watched it all the time. Five days later, we randomly met Dela and he ended up showing us around for the rest of the month.

He took us to those big stairs [at Lincoln High School] that Jerry Hsu nollie back heeled. Dela landed on a nollie flip in three tries, but there was no photographer so he didn’t want to do it. That’s when I knew he was going to be big.

Ross Norman – Last of the Mohicans (2008)

This guy is a bit of a mystery man. I’ve heard he had a lot of sponsor offers, but didn’t want to be on anything. He does all the Jarmers tricks — switch nosegrind reverts and all those sort of tricks you’d see in old Chocolate videos. I stole all my tricks from this guy.

Chris Milic — It’s a Secret (2014)

I had just found out about this part last time I was in L.A. I shared an apartment with Karsten Kleppan and he was filming heavy for Chronicles 3. It was sick, but every single day was serious filming mission with a big crew. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time skating with him, but it was such a relief to see this video when we would get home, because it was the opposite of what we were doing. I remember rewinding and really looking to see if it’s real when he kicks the soccer ball.

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  1. Yea bring the banks back! Brooklyn banks! We shud storm that shit get organized and bum rush the spot with felix A ,
    Btw i hate hiphop music

  2. hjalte! so rad you guys give him so much shine. one of the best lists yet simply because none of the picks are safe or obvious (ok, well maybe Welch is expected)

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