Cyrus Bennett Space Heater Remix

cyrus noseslide

Photo by Pad Dowd

Happy DS2 day! Been a while since we ran a remix video (a whole half a year!), so here’s #anotherone with one of the more exceptional kickflip guys working in New York today. Footage pulled from Paych, Horny and She’s Garbage.

And unfortunately — even on DS2 day — the remix desk has a strict rule on recycling from the same pool of #musicsupervision that the given skater has used in recent parts, so this suggestion unfortunately cannot be upheld. This edition is a bit faux Bianca Chandon …even though Bianca Chandon has never made a video before ;)

Guest tricks from John Choi (obviously.)

Alternate YouTube Link

Shout out to Roctakon on da mix :)


  1. Yo niga this skateboard shit is getin stagnant im sick of it but i dk wjat else to be inertrestdd in. What should i do? Ps. who cares about skating?

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