Spencer Hamilton QS Remix via @DutchMasterDelaney

We’re two months out from awards season, and skateboarding’s drift from YouTube montages to minute-long Instagram clips renders each year’s I.G.S.O.T.Y. race more contentious than the last. Spencer Hamilton, who has spent the better part of the year rehabbing from a back injury, doing waist-high kickflip back tails, and promoting better posture to us all (actually typing this post more upright than usual out of respect), is an early frontrunner for top honors.

Edited by IG-mix genius and Eggs Mayor, Dutchmaster Delaney. Filmed by the Dime boys and Grand Collection. Graphics by Dana Ericson.

In other lightly related news, uploaded a #standalone #version of Max’s 917 part, and Venture put together a minute long Philly Santosuosso remix, which I caught off Hella Clips’ Twitter and learned that they’ve somehow overtaken Transworld’s throne for Worst Video Player on The Skate Internet.

New Jersey: Skating’s Low-Key Dominant Governing Body


^When u show up 2 the NY spot and notice NJ hieroglyphics on the wall…

It’s hard being the low-key most important geographic region in all of skateboarding (if not American culture altogether) without some of your parliament members getting highlighted more than others. Not everyone gonna be Fetty Wap or Ishod Wair :)

Ron has been one of my favorites since I saw an #early #web #clip (you had to actually download those) of him skating Eatontown rink and switch flipping the PSE&G big five back in maybe ~2002. Just as we are huge advocates of #happy #rap #music, we’re also big advocates of happy skateboarding. Ron happens to be one of that all-too-rare sub-genre’s greatest practitioners. Not everything needs to be an epic bro.

On the flip side, got a bit *weird* with this remix since it didn’t make sense to just toss another funk song under it. Been heavy on the Nick Jensen 11th Hour revisitations this fall, and maybe the spaced out trippy vibez had a rub-off effect on this vid — at for least the first half. Footage sourced from Ron’s “Under the Hudson” part, plus some bonus bits. Filmed by R.B. Umali.

BTW front noseslide fakie, half cab nose shuv, switch front shuv off a curb is top three most #onbrand line in the history of this sk8 blog ;)

Alternate YouTube Link. Check this old [2013] favorite after.

FWIW Reggie Noble is still cooler than your favorite rapper from the nineties.

Have a good weekend. Go skate Jersey maybe ;)

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Cyrus Bennett Space Heater Remix

cyrus noseslide

Photo by Pad Dowd

Happy DS2 day! Been a while since we ran a remix video (a whole half a year!), so here’s #anotherone with one of the more exceptional kickflip guys working in New York today. Footage pulled from Paych, Horny and She’s Garbage.

And unfortunately — even on DS2 day — the remix desk has a strict rule on recycling from the same pool of #musicsupervision that the given skater has used in recent parts, so this suggestion unfortunately cannot be upheld. This edition is a bit faux Bianca Chandon …even though Bianca Chandon has never made a video before ;)

Guest tricks from John Choi (obviously.)

Alternate YouTube Link

Shout out to Roctakon on da mix :)

Skater of the Decade (Thus Far)


Let this be a lesson to all aspiring owners of multinational media conglomerates: When you’re sitting on some #hot #content, don’t let it lay around waiting for a slow news day, because some Brits who are in love with the coco can sneak up and coincidentally throw a similar piece online before you. Needless to say, an audible “fuck!” was heard from the re-edit cubicle at the Quartersnacks office yesterday, when Kingpin dropped a Lucas Puig Instagram compilation video.

This isn’t an IG compilation. There are a few clips off the ‘Gram, but most of the footage stems from various Helas web edits from the past two years, the Bon Voyage part, and the Something Sinister part. Music supervision is via one of the best Helas clips ever, and follows up on an idea from a year-old QS post on the song.

People hate on China footage, hate on D.I.Y. footage, and say skateparks are boring, but really, all that shit depends on the skater. This guy is pretty much every adult person I know’s favorite for the past few years and running.

Alternate YouTube Link


^^^Via Chocolat-Chocolat (It’s true)

Sweet Home Long Branch

Despite Quartersnacks’ coverage of Brian Wenning’s undeniable influence last decade, we haven’t really come to expect much from him since he was spotted nosegrind nollie heelflipping in board shorts in the DC video (unlike the rest of the tri-state area.) Well, some dude who’s pretty much an absolute genius, reminded us of why people are still in love with this guy’s skating ten years down the line. This is the best remix video ever, as far as execution goes.

Not to take away from ourselves, it’s likely that they were at least somewhat inspired by the QS Pappalardo / Skynyrd combo from the Mind Field re-edit (I’d upload the individual part, but some people weren’t too psyched.) Even though “Free Bird” is basically the cliché classic rock song and most obvious “great guitar solo” ever, it has a certain epic quality to it that’s undeniable. You can be driving down the interstate at 4 AM, with 300 miles left to go and all of the people in the car asleep, and they can’t really fault you for waking them up by turning the volume up to the max when it comes on whatever classic rock station you switch to. Just like Jeezy makes music for those moving work on I-85, Skynyrd makes music for road trips where you go at least thirty-five miles over the speed limit the whole time.

I never realized that this guy amassed 9:14 worth of footage in his career either. Thanks to whoever made this, you’re brilliant. The part with the guns right before the guitar speeds up and the Staten Island footage starts is so good.

That thing said last week about Creedence being the only QS-approved rock band is actually false, because Skynyrd is most definitely on that list.