Don’t Act Like You Forgot: Start of Summer 2015 Montage


Photo via Colin Sussingham

Week late with this, but that’s probably ok…

Week late Memorial Day edit features: Keith Denley, Richard Quintero, Corey Rubin, Zach Baker, Emilio Cuilan, Johnny Wilson, Pad Dowd, Dave Caddo, Bobby Worrest, Lurker Lou, John Choi, Andre Page, Matt Perez, Troy Stillwell, Will Robson-Scott, Jack Sabback, Adam Zhu, Connor Champion, Jesse Alba, Yaje Popson, Challex Olson doing a line that’s only nollie AND switch.

This is probably the most daytime-heavy Quartersnacks clip ever filmed. Hardly any night footage. It’s weird. Warriors in 6?

Also, there are only ~two days left to vote in the Levi’s Skateboarding + Quartersnacks Set Contest, so go vote if you have yet to do so.

Summer gear online Monday, June 1 at 12 A.M. At Labor now. Have a good weekend.

Alternate YouTube Link

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