the red devil. – New One From Supreme & Bill Strobeck

kevin bradley ollie battery


Out of all the unlikely things to become recognizable spots, this rail behind Stuyvesant High School maybe tops the list. Lenny Kirk 5050ed it, a over a decade went by, Jake did it switch, a half-decade went by, and now, it’s a thing that kids just skate in videos.

Word that Kevin Bradley ollied over the rail — from less than two-foot wide ledge to another less than two-foot wide ledge — has been around for a few months. Reider’s impossible over the Seaport bench was probably the last time rumors of a trick within city limits were that inconsistent with normal people’s ideas of skateboard reality. The photo verified it a week or two ago, and the footage came out today. Wow.

Joe Valdez would probably be proud, if it were thirty feet higher.

the red devil. is Bill’s new montage for Supreme, named in honor of Aidan Mackey’s vibrant hair. (Finally! It seems like our efforts have had at least some morsel of an effect on redhead acceptance in the skateboard world.) Features all the ever-progressing “cherry” kids, plus a bonus A.V.E. line. (Vans vid April?)



  1. these kids are pretty much redeeming skateboarding from the MtV/mall appeal foolery that I thought was about to kill it. Bill Strobeck , well done.

  2. na-kel, tyshawn, and kevin repping southland hard

    who says skaters can’t come from south central

  3. babysitter films almost embryonic groms in tucked-in overpriced shirts, set to neonazi’s

  4. How is this nazi music? they are Nordic first of all, and there music has references to the bible..

    wikipedia that shit

  5. whatever you call this music it sucks, and we’d never have heard of it if the guy wasn’t a convicted murder.

  6. It seems like QS readers fall into 2 camps- people who like Supreme / Strobeck videos / “cherry” kids, and people who actually have a brain. And yes, I will now fuck off because I just watch the X games, shop at the mall, stair jumping P-Rod blah blah blah.

    In all seriousness though, I’d be curious what percentages the readership falls into.

  7. These niggas still need a babysitter? Real niggas been taking the subway to school alone since age five famo

  8. Shot bro. Lets hangout. You sound like a hoot. Please o wise one, tell us how that brain feels. Sounds like yo girl left you for a dude with a supreme shirt.

  9. @joe there is no “they” when it comes to Burzum, it is only one dude, Varg Vikerness, who burned down several churches and killed a member of the band Mayhem. He’s a shitty musician who is a white supremacist
    wikipedia that shit haha

  10. Yeah, dude is a Nazi, but he still made groundbreaking, good music. So what you do is, enjoy his music if you like it, don’t pay for it, don’t pay for any merch, don’t see any live shows, don’t support him at all, just enjoy the music if you can separate the artist from the art. But that’s up to you, some people can’t ignore it, and that’s fine.

    Anyway, cool video.

  11. chip yes to jerry fisher but lennie kirk will always get the cred!

    joe valdez beats them both and when will chromeball catch a clue?

    never cause the dude lives in fucking portland!!!

    just kidding

    not kidding

    just kidding

    whatever joe valdez is rad

    sean pablo posts way too much steeze post/during/previous to doing any trick and I really do hope ultimately that strobeck gets credit for tons of dill and ave footage in the vans vid which I hear already got pushed back to may a day after i heard it was going to be released in april

  12. These kids rip, but there’s such an element of “try-hard” in all these videos it makes me not enjoy them as much.

  13. @ rock whys this dude always so salty? He’s dumb old my nigga ur into Taylor swift fall back b. Unironically

  14. I Should have asked “How do I become entire Supreme team? Get handsome, and sell out skateboarding community/make profit so you can support addict self?”

  15. I watched it a couple more times and it’s sorta grown on me, but not liking the most ironic trendy meyal band of all time is not exactly some big hater move. Pretty standard.

  16. Finally getting bored of this. Nak is beast but Sean Pablo lets see some flip in flip out shit or something. Or a shuv out of that board slide at least.

  17. I don’t know how this became about me, I like this clip, like all these kids and their skating, I just don’t dig vice magazine metal, but after watching a couple times I’d say it works for this clip.

  18. At the end of the day this is still an advertisement for a clothing brand, set to the music of a neo-nazi, who was convicted of inciting racial hatred in France in 2014. Specifically for glorifying war crimes, and promoting discrimination against Jews and Muslims.

  19. I believe in separating the art from the person, but I also don’t and can’t really listen to R. Kelly anymore. That choice is only for me, wouldn’t make it for someone else, but it’s been cool to see the different opinions on here.

  20. how fucked is it that the new supreme clip had less hype than the new bronze vid?

  21. @The dude saying there’s an element of “try hard” in this video, yet “they rip”…you just contradicted yourself so hard…If you had to be told

  22. How about pigeon shit by strobeck with pops skating to that Charles manson song? Cry about that too. It’s a 3 min clip of a couple teens skating in supreme relax it’s not that important … Ive got a better question why is the skate team all la kids except tyshawn? That’s why flipmode/paych crew> supreme.

  23. Burzum’s dad lived in Ssadam Huessein’s Palace as a Norwegian Diplomat in Bio Chem Bio Germ Engineering……. Ssadam tested these chemicals on Iraqi peoples before invading Kuwait… It is Believed Burzum has ties now to not only Spotify Supreme but Huessein Obama and Biden as well not only a modern Nazi Neo Nazi global leader but an AL Quida ISIS Co op strategizer…. Rot in Hell Vlarg

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