An Inconvenient Truth

the storm

It is time that we, as free-thinking adults, own up to an inconvenient truth: The Storm is history’s greatest work of nonfiction. It might not be a sexy or popular opinion, but our most exalted skateboard heroes continue to steal from this much-maligned VHS tape for inspiration while no one is looking.

Dave Mayhew pre-dated the impossible’s modern redevelopment by a decade.

Chris Dobstaff pre-dated Fully Flared standardizing confusing tech tricks by eight.

Josh Kasper pre-dated Alex Olson inevitably doing an ollie over a DJ for a V Man fall fashion week spread by fifteen!

Anyone with half-a-brain knows there are some suppressed team meeting notes that considered the idea of a Plan B paintball trip to film male bonding filler clips for True.

And now, the Gonz — the Gonz! — is paying homage to the one and only Tyrone Olson in a new Four-Star clip without giving proper credit to the man himself.


Enough is enough. Why is it cool for the Gonz to do it, while the bro Tyrone continues to be ostracized from the conversation? Why should Mark bask in all the Tumblr reblog glory, while we sit there pretending like he didn’t watch The Storm late at night when everyone was asleep, and got inspired to bring a jump ramp to the rail?

And don’t say “Cuz he’s the Gonz.” Nah man, the Gonz is a Storm fan on the low, just like me and you ;)

Osiris shoes are boss, everybody.


  1. can we give chad fernandez some props for helping pioneer the cross over from pro skater to celebrity boy toy. not to mention considerable bucket hat usage

  2. um yeah people gonz skated rails before olsons both olsons were born. there is no fucking argument here. gonz can do what he wants everyone else is just catching up.

  3. Those two tricks aren’t even the same tricks… OR same kind of handrails. …. if you talking about the kicker ramp… maybe youtube gonz clips from the 80’s?

    This is the worst post of the year. I like you lost your edge completely.

    Like seriously wtf are you talking about?

    I mean I’m trying to keep my cool but really?

  4. Correct me if I’m wrong but Brandon Westgate already frontside lipslide(d) the shit out of that rail so real credit goes to that man. Westgate for sotyoat.

  5. KOTR was clearly on to this idea, as it was “THE STORM” reunion for the mystery guests this year. #sagnodrag

  6. Marks folding table,not quite unfolded makeshift jump ramp to steep ass rail…60/40 glasses for your feet video…can someone gif that please.

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