#TRENDWATCH2014: Tuesday


In 2012, we, as an award-winning international media institution, came to terms with one, Aubrey Drake Graham. We also predicted — perhaps hastily — that skateboarders, as a whole, would take a moment to glance over from their “Lofi Memphis Rap Songs For Edits” iTunes playlist, and recognize that not being at terms with Drake was akin to denying global warming. Like taxes and YouTube ads, Drake is unavoidable. And if you let him, he just may put you better in touch with your emotions than your scratched up Lifestyles of the Poor and Dangerous CD-R ever could.

Skateboarders are a stubborn, conservative bunch. They did not come to terms with Drake in 2013, no matter how loudly we tried to sound the horn at the QS office. But that moment has come in 2014, in a rather unexpected way.

As discussed in last week’s retro of the 2009 “So You Want to Date a Skater?” article, 95% of partyboy skaters have been priced out of Manhattan. It is almost impossible to maintain a bohemian lifestyle, while still affording Manhattan rent, alcohol, and whatever extracurriculars might interest you in 2014. Former marquee days of the week, like Lit Wednesdays or Sway Sundays, are foggy memories left behind in the 2000s, when only a measly 90% of broke skateboarders couldn’t afford Manhattan.

With the majority of the New York-based skater population residing in Brooklyn, it should come as no surprise that the premier night for being a broke, drunken skater in 2014 is Tuesday, thanks to Matchless Two-For-One Tuesdays. Yes, TUESDAY.

Do you really think that Drake hopping on that Makonnen remix wasn’t calculated with us in mind? Drake loves skateboarders. He figured out the path to our hearts. “You’re right Drake, for me, the club and/or bar really does go up on a Tuesday.” He GETS us, and now, as evident by the droves of web clips emerging from the greater New York metropolitan area openly edited to “Tuesday,” we get him.

This is why refusing to come to terms with Drake is futile. It’s like giving the silent treatment to your one non-judgmental friend who will listen to you pour out all your problems. Fuck it girl, I’m bout whatever though.

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  1. how you gone write an article about drake but only feature someone else’s song? skaters have come 2 terms with ILoveMakkonen, not drake. not yet

  2. Very few people would know what that song is if he didn’t get on the remix, be real.

    Also, the original version of that song didn’t have Drake on it. All three videos embedded use the Drake version.

  3. It’s not coming to terms, it’s a step. Because it’s still an ILoveMakkonen track. So its Drake without being Drake, obviously still the denial phase.

  4. hopefully by 2015 we see less tired ass whiteboys wearin wutang shirts and some more wearin them ovo owl logos them shits is fresh

  5. Idk bout y’all but I’m bout to edit my next clip to a Big L song. His music paired with skate clips logged on a Vx1000 sit together in perfect harmony.

  6. I came to terms with Drake a while ago. I’m using this song for my next flip cam edit even though I know it’s been done to death….too good not to.

    probably use Never Satisfied as well tho…

  7. Also an appropriate post for yesterday because of the Republican take over of the Senate and Drake being a horrible glimpse of the future when the Republican party finds a way to appeal to non-white-men

  8. unless youre talking about drake jones idk what the fuck you are talking about. and fuck the dumbocrats what have they done for you lately jules verne?

  9. I love how its completely acceptable to be 20 years old and suck at skating. guess what late bloomer boys… you peaked and its all downhill from here LITTLE OLD MEN

  10. On the real… Tad bit coked up cruising to wawa on shitty leafy sidewalk to get three deuces bc they’re two for three fiddy but I only got six bucks. And it’s kinda chilly.

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