Five Favorite Parts With Jim Greco

greco ollie

Photo by Seu Trinh

Watching Jim Greco go from what he was in Baker 2G to the darkslides and oddball trick selection in the Deathwish video has been really fun. The dude is one of the most interesting pros going today because he never fails to switch it up with each new part, in a completely unexpected way. You can tell he studies old videos for inspiration, and creates his own approach to tricks most stopped doing years ago. We figured he might be a good candidate for our favorites series. The commentary is quick, but he’s the first to choose a non-Video Days Gonz part, which is rad ;)

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Jeremy Klein – World Industries: Rubbish Heap (1989)

It’s really hard to choose just one, because all of Jeremy’s parts are great, but I have to say, this one was and is a huge influence on my skating. I always identified with what he was skating, and the way he executed his tricks, especially the way he did backside smiths and 360s. His skating is timeless.

Danny Sargent – New Deal: Useless Wooden Toys (1990)

I love how this part sounds. It’s amazing to see how much shit Danny has locked. He has got it all: fastplants on vert, slappies on the “high wall,” rails, sets and everything looks sick. This part never fails to hype me up.

Sean Sheffey: – Life: A Soldier’s Story (1991)

All the stuff he did and how he did it in that video was great. It was as if he is discovering what’s possible for the first time and it’s all caught on tape. Sheffey is just a natural talent. It’s exciting to see all the bank to rail stuff, and him popping out of lipslides on rails. How he attacks everything is inspirational.

Jason Lee – Stereo: A Visual Sound (1994)

He has a rad style and good trick selection along. The cinematography in this video is great. I only wish that it had the original skate sounds.

Mark Gonzales – Real: Non-Fiction (1997)

I really like Mark’s part in this and the way it is filmed. I love the footage of him holding on to that car from bump to bump, and the vert section is especially amazing.

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  1. On a serious note NJ just lost a true skateboard pioneer. Rest In Peace Herb Newman. The dude owned a skate in NJ shop since 1992. And unlike Niekrato, he wasnt a self promoter. He invented the allen bolt for hardware, which he used to manufacture for World during their glory days. He also was a master of plasics, rails, risers, bushings. I bought the Natas Pentagram board from his basement factory. He had a Nimbus demo That featured a young Ryan Hickey and Bobby Puelo.

    He built a foot high many pad, with a wooden jersey barrier on one side, with a round extension that had a foot of vert. Every edge on that thing had coping made of giant, plastic rails.

    The guy bombed hiils up in the Palisades, he made his own trucks, made his own bicycles. The dude was a mad scientist. But more importantly, he was devoted to skateboarding, and not the cool guy scene that went along with it.

    I wanted to interview him for my zine, but i waited twenty years too long (story of my life).

  2. I just bought some “skinny little white boy ” world ind. rails off ebay a few days ago that herb and green speckle..this is truly a sad day….R.I.P. HERB…GEEK ATTACK FOREVER

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