Thank You, Mike York

york noseslides hat

This guy is still putting out full parts…but what else do you expect from perhaps the only first generation Girl/Choc rider to contribute a full section in literally every one of their projects that he was a part of. Makes you wonder why the 30+, people-just-wanna-see-you-skate guys don’t lighten up and throw something out there more often. Gino sorta started to oblige us after Pretty Sweet, and hopefully the guys who share that special category follow suit.

After last year’s “two 360 flips in a row” / FTC part, York is back with a four-minute section for a company that most of us out east have probably never heard of. The dude is writing the book on how to make the third arc of a skate career fun and relatable to people whose ability is a few million notches below a Plan B rider’s. Even the current no comply and wallie renaissance makes its way to York — a dude who spent most of his pro career with those tricks being underutilized — so it’s rad to see him toss those in between the noseslide and crook combos.

The part’s brief stop in New York makes us wish he paid Three Up Three Down a visit, as the potential for an on-brand York line there is huge. No, he’d know not to wax it ;)

Tied with Scott Kane’s comeback part as 2014’s best underdog film.

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  1. cool seeing mike york skate a shaped board and having fun killing it..the wall ride 2 front nose was sick..switch as well..good stuff

  2. Seconding that it’s cool to see him ride shaped boards and even colorful wheels. Street skating needs to lighten up. Most of the 90’s veterans walk around looking like their dog died.

  3. What’s a #traditional board? A Popsicle shape? Hahahaha….Powell still makes mini logo blanks in increments of 1/8 w/ plenty of room for your stickers..ya know for all you untrendy ,so core to the core dudes out there.

    And to all these dudes who LOoOovE NY and move here for the inspiration and culture and blah blah blah barf..alllllll these dudes that start board companies.. how about making your decks w/ CHAPMAN and not in Mexico or China…Straight up.

  4. Ya know ..I went off the subject of mike York and how enjoyable his part is… has enough for everyone..come get inspired small companies.It helps keep skating fun and fresh..I just have a heavy heart for US board makers and get frustrated sometimes..nothing and no one is perfect..keep rolling everybody.

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