DJ Mustard For #SOTY

leo gutman kickflip

2013 Q.S.S.O.T.Y, Leo Gutman – Flip kick. Photo by Mike Heikkila.

Hjalte Halberg with the noseslide of the year.

Johnny went HD. VX is [officially] dead. It was all good just a week ago.

The full story of how the Santa Monica Courthouse became a legal skate spot. Small banks restoration one day? Or does that make *too much* sense to ever happen?

Village Psychic has a #listicle of the ten best switch backside flips A.K.A. what Reynolds may or may not have once referred to as “the hardest trick.” It might be less of “the hardest trick” and more of the hardest trick to do well i.e. not have it horrendously barrel roll one inch off the ground to a standstill landing, thus discouraging anyone from publicly trying to get better at it.

Dudes in San Jose love khaki cargo shorts.

Rory Milanes is turning pro in 2020 when the Palace video comes out.

Enough with dudes skating in suits for videos filmed with fancy cameras. That shit was maybe cool once, and even that’s pushing it. With that being said, it is cool that Arto Saari got a pass to skate inside the Helsinki airport. You can file that under things that will never ever ever ever ever happen in the U.S.

The inventor of the tornado spin is still a leading quarterpipe innovator in 2014.

Somebody ollied the bump-to-bar at Wavy’s. (Not the best angle though.) He also grinded the Philly step before it. We might’ve had conversations about how Luis hypothetically wouldn’t even ollie that thing. We’re dumb.

Got to respect these guys for A) Basing ~75% of their “Summer Trip to New York” clip at the T.F. and South 5th monument plaza / proverbial Williamsburg T.F. and B) Not skating a single ledge over a foot in height throughout it.

Japan’s Rua Magazine has a video interview segment with Jahmal Williams from when he was out there for the Static IV premiere.

Billy Waldman is building an ark out of solar panels.

Quote of the Week
Observant Gentleman: “I wish I was fat so I could skate pools well.”
Alexander Mosley: “Fat people skate transition better, but there’s a lot you can do that they can’t. You’re not gonna see a fat person doing backside 180 nosegrinds.”

That Brooklyn Lockwood spot is allegedly harder to skate than actual Lockwood?


  1. More switch backside flips: Arto’s in Menikmati over the grass gap, Tyshawn Jones down the stairs in Cherry.

  2. Love the Village Psychic list, but I would say the Dylan trick is a switch blindside kickflip, not a switch backside flip. Stevie’s was a great ender though.

  3. I finally just got that Waldman wants to build a biblical “ark”, i was thinking like electrical arc and it sounded less crazy than what he actually meant.

  4. on a tangent, nick jensen’s nollie fs flip at southbank in lost and found is surely high ranking

  5. Is Shamik Randall’s switch back three, down the little 3, at EMB, the first one on film? From New World Order (93). Answers please.

  6. So this J Wilson moved to NY from somewhere else. Besides that nugget, this interview was just a lot of T & A clickbait. This interview provided little to no insight into black and white vs color, Powell vs Vision, Girl vs Chocolate, Sean Pablo vs Stevie Perez, vinyl vs cds, Hot 97 vs Power 105. These are the issues of the day. Where does John stand on these issues.

    Sorry for the double post.

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