The Annual PWBC News Segment

Long gone are the days of bi-weekly skateboarding discourse from the PWBC news network. Having shifted focus towards merchandise and the #streets, PWBC anchors are now only summoned to report on the most crucial issues of our time.

In 2014’s installment, they cover:

1) A potential steroid-abusing version of Enrique Lorenzo.
2) Stereo and their responsibility for the proliferation of penny boards.
3) Whether or not using a “bungie cord” as a roll-up is legitimate.
4) Palace being distributed in the United States by Baker Boys.
5) Jamal Smith — star of skateboarding’s legitimate first ever #viral video — coming out of retirement to teach you fakie dreidel spins.
6) Reider’s HUF commercial…obviously.
7) Joey Pepper being chill and Jahmal Williams BGPs.

But most importantly, if you have a United States-based skateboard sales operation or are affiliated with one in any way, it’s going to be significantly easier for you to carry Palace boards now…which might also mean they will be on the road to hiring and staffing an entire PWBC 24-hour news network by 2017.


  1. Boing! that bungee sound effect’s so good. “your extreme bungee cording enthusiast mates” had me fucking dying.

  2. PWBC killing shit. Europeans carrying the NY shit into the future, while you NY nuckas be listing to FuTure. What type of fucked up world we living in. People skating in Chuck Taylors. Wearing leather jackets, recycling shit Madonna was into in 88. Zoo York Mix Tape Era team vs Zoo York 2014. Style and heart vs commercialized sameness. Westgate gets down, but nothing behind him. Shut. Doesnt even make sense.

    You kids get off my lawn!!,!,!!!!!

  3. R.A the rugged man, men been skating chuck taylors way before these babies popped they cherry but i feel you on that shut shit, those muthafuckas are delusional , can’t take a 15 year hiatus and then come back actin like you always been around. Future sound nice tho when you gettin’ yo jimmy whacked by some tumblr bish at 5 am after mad beers and street drugs

  4. Damn u internet trolls are funny,I believe rugged was saying ..shit,doesn’t even make sense..not shut..u know shut created zoo in 1993 and stopped being a part of it in 2006 right..that’s why it has had no soul for the last 8 years….shoeblues those 15 years of “hiatus” they created mix tape and put nyc on the map,they also support some of the most ripping dudes out there,luis tolentino,Leo gutman,dan carreiro etc..also still make all the decks in the USA…u guys be sweating James jebia and his background is fucking ballet..the guy is literally a ballerina…zoo was Rodney,Eli,and Adam…shut is Rodney,Eli and Adam….show Rodney smith the respect he deserves…not some dude like Steve Rodriguez who works for a marketing firm and stopped making usa decks after like 12 years of support from south central wood…so what you got shoeblues?what have you ever?

  5. Palace distributed by Bakerboys. Makes no sense to me. I guess this means Palace can’t make fun of any of the harsh shit Bakerboys distributes. The Jim Grecco material alone would sustain nearly a month of news network reports. The move to BB almost seems as if Palace has become the butt of their own joke.

  6. I just read on a non skate site that those flags over the Brooklyn Bridge were the result of the scion of one of New Yorks Finest. Seems the little guy also has a penchant for fighting kids at LES park. Snack, get the details. And Matthew, I dont know what I was talking about. That is my modus operendi.

  7. jim greco’s the shit and hagsaw is missing some chromosomes.

    baker boys aint that bad. stop trying so hard.

  8. Mathew, thanks for trying to explain to me everything i already knew. But you’re reffering to shut in the same sense as the orginal plan B versus the current redux which in my eyes have nothing to do with one another even if some of the same people are involved. Luis, Leo, and Dan C are all incredible, and i got nothing but love for all them. not even sure what you’re trying to say with 5 boro in the comparison, they have some great riders, but as a brand they just never really hit the mark. Again Zoo York is to shut as Girl/chocolate is to PLan B/world. Same people involved at the core, but totally different animal.
    Can’t we all just watch Robbie Gangemis part and get along?

    and Hagsaw I think its pretty known that the PWBC fucks with Baker and all of their “harsh shit”. If smoking good weed and killing it is “harsh” then i’ll take a shake junt handshake and chicken wing, peace

  9. shit yeah get the scoop on the brooklyn bridge flag shit bro. who were those kids over there and did they do it?

  10. Shoeblues..Well if you have nothing but love for Luis,Leo and Dan then why anonymously diss the company that supports them?..did you tell dan to his face congrats on turning bad it’s on shut?they believe in Luis and dan and all the rippers that rep shut..the girl/chocolate guys left and started a new animal from plan b..and danny restarted plan b because he believed in something….shut evolved into zoo and when it got fucked up it evolved back into shut..same dudes through and through…is it a different time in skating, nyc the same as it was in 94 no…we don’t have to agree but show some respect for Rodney smith and shut..if you want to watch a part and get along I choose jeff pangs.

  11. look, i hear what you’re saying, but you need to make a destinction between the person and the product. I don’t know rodney smith or eli gesner personally, never met them have nothing bad for them or their character. zoo did not “evolve” back into shut. zoo got bought out by echo, meanwhile rodney and eli were like oh shit lets do our thing again and sadly it doesn’t have the same impact as it once did.
    What does turning pro really mean anymore? how many small local companies turn their hometown hero “PRO” its not like their an official skateboard league that hands out a token when you’ve done enough kickflips to merritt your badge?
    Their riders are gonna rip at skating regardless of who sends them boards, and really isn’t that the more interesthing thing? not what logo is on the bottom of their sled?
    Danny way started plan B again because he believed in something yeah, an opportunity to have his own company and make fucking $, which clearly worked during the early to mid 2000’s boom, and now they’re biggest name left to do his own thing for the exact same reason.

  12. I come from a long line of narcs and want to know the scoop on the flags. Also whats NBD on chinatown manny? Trying to drop this part and stand out nahmean?

  13. Opinions are like assholes,everyone has one and they are usually full of shit.

    I will not even waste my time with someone who claims have nothing but love for someone then hide behind a fake name on a website and call that same person a hometown hero..I will say that dan carreiro is proud to have his model and name on a board he deserves…last summer he had hosoi,mountain and many other legends come up to him personally to shake his hand and express the respect and awe they had for his skateboarding.

    If you want to talk about this face to face and discuss this you can hit the QS crew up and they can put you in contact with me..I have spoken to Rodney smith and Eli about it and can arrange a meet and greet so you can tell them what they are doing wrong…with your obvious wisdom, nyc skate companies can have the same impact they once had…what you got?

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