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ponce de leon

No Monday Links this week. Sorry :(

As you might have devised from various social media presences, we are in France. Need a break from the computer, and QS has always been a desktop and iPhone-based enterprise. No laptops on this side.

Btw Republique is every bit as chill as everyone says it is. Like, if all you demand from a skate spot is good ground, a low ledge, girls walking around, and maybe a sewer cap in the ground to do tricks over, it’s better than anything in Barcelona or Shenzhen.

Be back in a week. Stuff originating from this Parisian excursion should surface online later in the summer, depending on how productivity goes. If you placed an order on the webstore in the past week-and-a-half, it won’t ship for another few days. Basically, if you don’t have a shipping confirmation in the e-mail that you used at checkout, your order has not shipped yet. Sorry for the delays. You should know we run a janky operation anyway. Everything remaining in the webstore is on sale, too. Support your local skate site.

We were going to post some #relevant French skate clips…but if you visit this site enough, you’ve heard us wax on about Lucas Puig self-releasing the best skateboard media in existence. Click around the Helas YouTube channel if you’re bored.

Or stare at this Wes Kremer switch back 3 from Palais de Tokyo instead:

Once you’ve exhausted that, stare at this Jason Byoun GIF for a few minutes:

Have a good week. Check for updates in a day or two, we got stuff scheduled ;)

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