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ponce de leon

No Monday Links this week. Sorry :(

As you might have devised from various social media presences, we are in France. Need a break from the computer, and QS has always been a desktop and iPhone-based enterprise. No laptops on this side.

Btw Republique is every bit as chill as everyone says it is. Like, if all you demand from a skate spot is good ground, a low ledge, girls walking around, and maybe a sewer cap in the ground to do tricks over, it’s better than anything in Barcelona or Shenzhen.

Be back in a week. Stuff originating from this Parisian excursion should surface online later in the summer, depending on how productivity goes. If you placed an order on the webstore in the past week-and-a-half, it won’t ship for another few days. Basically, if you don’t have a shipping confirmation in the e-mail that you used at checkout, your order has not shipped yet. Sorry for the delays. You should know we run a janky operation anyway. Everything remaining in the webstore is on sale, too. Support your local skate site.

We were going to post some #relevant French skate clips…but if you visit this site enough, you’ve heard us wax on about Lucas Puig self-releasing the best skateboard media in existence. Click around the Helas YouTube channel if you’re bored.

Or stare at this Wes Kremer switch back 3 from Palais de Tokyo instead:

Once you’ve exhausted that, stare at this Jason Byoun GIF for a few minutes:

Have a good week. Check for updates in a day or two, we got stuff scheduled ;)

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shawn-ej photo

Photo by Emilio Cuilan

Sorry, no Monday Links this week. If you haven’t gathered as much from Instagram, we are out of the country right now. Part of it is because we simply wanted to check out a country that would let Shawn Powers onto its soil, but perhaps more importantly, it is a trip dedicated to negotiating the reignited Quartersnacks-Green Diamond beef on neutral, foreign land. We’re in Germany for another day or so, then headed back to the U.K. Hopefully, a mediated negotiation in Zurich will not be required.

A few updates are still scheduled throughout this coming week, including a really good one for Friday. And to reiterate, all web store orders placed after July 25th will not be shipped until August 7th. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

And since the real reason we’re out here is to see the best skateboarder besides Mike Carroll get married to a great girl, check out his Canadian opus from the 2004 Baby Steps video. See everyone in a week. Later.

Check the part’s equally good B-roll here. R.I.P. Big Moe.

Out of Office Reply / Best Posts of 2012

And the award for “Outstanding Achievement in Instagram by a Pro Skateboarder” goes to

If you follow us on the ‘Gram or look at the sidebar, you may have noticed that we have been in London on “holiday” / skating Southbank / enjoying the “fun as oppossed to boring” company of Torey Goodall for the past week. Be back in a few days. List season is upon us, so expect the first installment of our annual “Events That Defined New York Skateboarding” countdown towards the middle of the week. Best of 2012 clip soon. In the meantime, browse the countdowns from previous years.

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While we’re at it, here is a list of some of the better/more popular QS posts from 2012.

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Quartersnacks West: Now with 500% more #YOLO

In L.A. for the week eating tacos, sitting in cars, and looking for a “YOLO” shirt to film a “TEAM YOLO” clip to “The Motto.” Fun fact about L.A: There is no such thing as a place where you simply go “to skate flat.” It’s shit. Be back next week. If you need something that’s hella chill east coast yolo vibez, The Chrome Ball has an all-Flushing photo post.

If you’re into skate events and stuff, NY Skateboarding has a breakdown of things going on this weekend. There’s a premiere for Galen’s favorite skate company’s new video tonight, Black Dave opens up for Juicy J tomorrow (he’ll be opening up for Drake by September on his one year of rapping anniversary), and there’s a Converse best trick contest at the Chelsea park on Friday.

And since this is temporarily a California-based New York site, please remember that the 1998 Neighborhood video, LaLa Land is on the internet. Notable because the soundtrack is 95% No Limit-based, Cops concepts, and Daniel Lebron’s part showcases every single skate shoe from the late-90s in less than three minutes (not to mention a picnic table line in Air Force Ones.)

Out Of Office Reply

Been out of the country for the past week. Going to be gone for a few more days. Apparently, there’s this place called “China” that America owes a lot of money to. This country is weird, it has a lot of good skate spots that you somehow don’t get kicked out of. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and occasionally Gmail are all blocked out here. Worldstar works, but Quartersnacks barely loads, largely due to the Facebook share buttons under every post. The government hasn’t deaded Instagram yet, so what limited multimedia is currently emerging from this trip has been confined to iPhones. Follow @quartersnacks if you’re on da gram.

Regular updates resume sometime (late) next week. This would be an opportune time to post Project Pat’s “Don’t Call Me No More & Don’t Text Me No More” video, but it’s unlikely that the Chinese YouTube-equivalent has that available. E-mail is a bit backed up for now as well. And for the record, there have been zero Jeremy Lin jersey sightings here. China only has British ESPN, which suucckks. They mainly cover soccer, snowmobiling, and gymnastics.

P.S. Gonyon’s backside flip down the Flushing six is pretty chill.