America: Birthplace of Skateboarding & Rap Music

god bless america

UPDATE: Sold out. Thanks everyone. Check Labor, NJ, Exit or Seasons this week.

America is no doubt responsible for some terrible stuff: the KFC Double Down, two-hour brunch lines, Dick Cheney, Wale…the list could go on forever. In fact, some nerds decided to make a summer movie about what the world would look like if the United States never existed. It likely won’t touch on two of America’s less heralded contributions to the world / the two things that this website is dedicated to.

Could you imagine living in a world without Nate Jones’ Real to Reel part or no “Danny Glover” (both the song and the guy who sat on the bomb-laden toilet)? That’s what a world without America looks like.

This Fourth of July, Quartersnacks would like to honor this occasionally great country and two of its always great contributions to human life. The tees are $25 + shipping in the webstore and available in a limited run. They’ll be available at Labor, NJ Skateshop, Seasons and Exit later in the week. (It’s a small run, so other shops won’t have them, sorry.) If you want the tee by July 4th, you must place your order by the end of this weekend (6/29.) It should ship on Monday via First Class Mail, which pending any hang-ups with the post office, would typically make it anywhere in the continental U.S. by Thursday the 3rd. All other remaining tees are still on sale.

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  1. That defense budget keeps us free. Im all for it. We wouldn’t even be allowed to skate without it. So bring it.

  2. 1) You’re right. It’s just a bit extreme. Gonna remove that bc the last thing I want this to turn into is some political shout board. Should’ve listed private property laws or lawyers in general. “Excessive” and “unnecessary” are two different words though.

    2) You can’t skate anywhere in the U.S. besides a skatepark anyway. This place might’ve invented skateboarding, but it sucks for it compared to everywhere else.

  3. i skate in america outside of skateparks. most are just too lazy. but yeah i get the point, other countries = cooler for skating

  4. What about a Noseslides Snapback cap restock? Will it ever happen? Will it have a leather strapback?

  5. skating is allowed in china and thailand so you can skate even if you live in a totalitarian state that has your life on lockdown. why spend money on the inevitable? we’re all going to be chinese someday. we should just be concerned with important matters like not beling allowed to noseslide certain benches

  6. thanks for that. as a veteran and a skater of 16 years, i love this site. its the best fucking skatesite on the internet. like hanging out with my boys in phoenix again, talking shit and getting tricks in the dusty ditches. I may not be sophisticated enough to skate with you nyc types, but i love the east coast’s work ethic. keep it up bros.

  7. and yeah true about the street skating, but that’s part of the struggle. thats what makes it what it is. Its what I love about it. Basically every pro out there is a professional criminal. And some make millions to do it and have massive corporate sponsors. Puts a smile on my face to see something that I do thats been persecuted for so long come up for a change. so don’t be so down on this shit. I will love skateboarding if all i get to do is cruise to the liquor store once a week. Its in my blood. and nothing else fucking matters. big ups to the euros the chinese the japanese and anybody else who gets down. because skateboarding is fun no matter where youre at.

  8. you know everybodys talking about the good old days ( the good old days ) the good old days the good old days ( the good old days the good old days ) well lets talk about the good old days ( lets talk about em )

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