#TRENDWATCH2014: Bailed Flat Tricks


While skateboard video makers are fighting for the remaining morsels of our attention spans, a new #trend is elongating video parts for unclear reasons. Over the past few months, prominent videos have began to include footage of obviously talented skateboarders not landing flip tricks mid-part. And these aren’t slams or epic bails a la Andrew Reynolds’ sneaky Aldo campaign. No, they’re basic flatground tricks that laypeople primo on each day at the T.F. — the sort of maneuvers that a younger viewer may be lead to believe are only missed when pros participate in a bracket orchestrated by a SoCal warehouse with no natural light.

Say what you will about pro sports and how we’re not like them because “we’re artists, dude,” but at least they show us the missed layups and incomplete passes. Skateboarding’s most commonly digested media form (the skate video…pretty sure those are still more watched than contests) only shows you .5% of the blood, sweat and tears that go into a skate career. This latest trend seems poised to do otherwise, as it reminds us that Jason Dill misses switch varial heels just like we do when playing S.K.A.T.E. against our most white rapper-resembling friends.

In some convoluted way, bailed flat tricks in curated video parts bring us closer to Kevin Durant missing a game-tieing free throw than Gatorade or Sunny D or whatever the old guys on the porch choose to believe is “ruining” skateboarding today ;)

You couldn’t have known what I did for this.” — Future & Every Pro Skateboarder.


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Boil the Ocean asks if this is all a conspiracy where aging pros “potentially pull another five seconds of screen time by tacking on a bailed flatground trick to the end of a line.” That theory doesn’t make much sense when twentysomething skaters with four-minute parts from the same year are doing the same thing though.

It does, however, signal a shift in the way we edit skateboarding. Editors have struggled for years in dealing with the extraneous push that occurs when a skater lands the final trick of his line, and hopes to squeeze one final flatground trick at the end afterwards. For editors, it is either a quick awkward cut after the final trick, or let the push rock and cut after, just so the viewer has no reason to suspect foul play, even though he may ponder “Wellllll, he’s still pushing, what was he going to try?!” with the latter tactic. The current editing vocabulary seems more lenient on just letting the entire bail be displayed, but we’ll see how long that development lasts in 2014 and beyond (i.e. will people begin making Vines of flatground bails?)

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  1. as someone whos been skating since 98 i say fuck the trends. its skateboarding get over yourself. i saw a guy wearing a nike sb hoody wearing dcs mall grabbing a nyjah board yesterday at school. the old me would have vibed him out pretty good but now, meh. just let the people do what they want. i could give two shits about corporate america. ill still keep skating even if i have to make em myself. i just bought two new boards one after another because one snapped. back in the day i never would have even thought of doing that. i would have just used one of my old worn out boards for a while. things change man.

  2. “…but at least they show us the missed layups and incomplete passes ” is a rad line. Watching that guy try to fakie healflip over that table a million times was amazing. Another good one is seeing Lucas Puig fall in the adidas world cup video- sortof both out of spite and making “real” the perfect tricks he does

  3. my favourite trick to finish a line is the nollie bigspin dismount where when I land, i lean back and roll the board away from me quickly using my back foot (switch), then i walk over to get a sip of gatorade fierce grape

  4. It reminds me of Louie Barletta parts where he falls at the end of a line and giggles. I like it.

  5. Alex Olson’s “let me get the keys” line from Bill’s “The Cinematographer Project” section as a prelude?

  6. this is a fucking skateboarding article. shakin my head YES all the way through. best one is carrolls nollie hospital flip at the end of goldfish part

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