LurkNYC without the NYC: Cyrus Bennett in ‘Braindead’


Photo via @lurknyc on Instagram.

As recently discussed, nobody from the northeast really escapes to Miami anymore. People go to L.A., sure, but San Francisco has become a go-to winter refuge for those easily dissuaded by that traffic-laden city some 400 miles down the coast. (Cue up every person who’s ever said “S.F. is a lot like an east coast city, except _____.” Maybe we make it out there one day and discover just how inaccurate of a job rappers and FTC videos do in portraying it.)

Nick vonWerssowetz‘s new video is a twelve-minute project filmed during a three-week hideout in San Francisco. It has been online for 48 hours, which means it’s pretty old by today’s internet standards. There are standalone versions of every other Cyrus Bennett part on YouTube, so why not? Below is his closer from Braindead.

You can watch Braindead in full here. There’s a Kingpin Skinny Pimp song in it. (Also why hasn’t someone skated to “One Life 2 Live” yet? Seems like a missed opportunity, especially given the past few years worth of videos’ heavy indulgence in lo-fi Memphis stuff. Night footage edit to “Midnight Hoes” maybe?)

Yo, so like, Blind Jeans are obvs back, but so is color blocking it seems…

P.S. Whatever reputation for, uh, “eccentric vagrants” San Francisco may have — New Jersey has it beat, at least for this week.


  1. not for nothing but that naked guy trying to fight the bus driver is some regular shit in sf. nj gotta step it up with the crazy bums.

  2. it would be fresh to see a Quartersnacks X palace collaboration (palace snacks )Tee’s and boards that will be freesshhhhh

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