Loose Trucks Max in WHATSSAMATTA TWO (#tumblr)


Photo by Colin Sussingham

Our premonitions regarding the Tumblrness of skate videos’ collective future are now being confirmed. WHATSSAMATTA TWO is definitively more Tumblr-as-an-adjective than its predecessor, which was deficient of #electro, #seapunk and #trippy aesthetics. (If you are in your thirties and don’t hang out with people under 25, thus are at odds with the concept of content-platform-as-an-aesthetic, keep this in mind: Someone born in the nineties who didn’t know who Kevin Durant was once jokingly-but-also-honestly told me they wear Bulls gear “because it’s Tumblr.”)

ANYWAY, Loose Trucks Max A.K.A. Max Palmer A.K.A. the Quartersnacks office’s favorite midwestern-born skater has a part in the aforementioned project. It’s an iPhone affair half-edited to a track off the “IDGAF about French Montana but he picks good beats”-camp’s favorite Coke Boys project.

The one here must be over a year old, but are tricks on televisions still #relevant in the Tumblr era? Has anyone wallied a Macbook propped up by a brick yet?

And since this post has been heavy on Tumblr-isms, here is a .GIF illustrating how one earns the title “Loose Trucks Max.”

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  1. i sometimes think quarter snacks is a skateboard version of hipster runoff thats not as funny but still pretty funny

  2. i sometimes think, people can’t be THAT dumb, and then i read the comments on quartersnacks

  3. You can trash my #cool #seapunk #visuals with all the #hashtag #jokes you want, but you are NOT allowed to make assumptions regarding the earnestness of my French Montana fandom! *furiously retumbles a picture of a sculpture of French Montana holding two baby tigers made entirely out of Crown Fried mac n cheese to prove Coke Boys fandom*

  4. I think the French Montana part might’ve been confusing.

    I’m speaking personally and for several other people I know in saying I don’t care about French Montana but sometimes have to on account of the fact that he picks good beats and has a cool voice sometimes.

  5. 1. “Loose Trucks Max'” doesn’t prefer to be referred to as Loose Trucks Max (well maybe in 1999 when his trucks may have been deemed loose compared to others). That
    being said, this novelty has been worn off for quite some time, and maybe Max deserves to be deemed “Max Palmer.”

    2. Max doesn’t know what Tumblr is. I don’t think he has the internet, and would rather use tools to make things instead of Macbook Pro’s. Take a look at the yard, brah.

    3. Creating an update about skateboarders who either don’t know what QS is, or DGAF about QS and their opinions is a pretty lame move.

    4. Spend less time on WordPress and go to your local skate shop and ask them to loosen your trucks for you. Maybe then go bomb a hill or something? Don’t forget to ask for the latest NON-“tumblr” skate video and see if anyone knows what you’re talking about.

    Skateboarding is skateboarding so just simply ride your skateboard.
    Is that too much to ask of you hypebeasts?

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